How to become Flight Attendant / Cabin Crew in India

Flying is skies has been a dream for many. Being a cabin crew member with an airline is a very lucrative job options. Different airlines in different countries have different set of requirements. In this article we see – How to become a Flight Attendant or Cabin Crew in India

Why should I become a flight attendant or cabin crew?

Do you have this question in mind? You have been contemplating about this, but not able to decide. Answer below quesiton before you make up your mind of becoming a cabin crew.

  • Do you like travelling a lot?
  • Do you feel like at home when in sky?
  • Do you like meeting and communicating with people?
  • Do you believe in excellent customer service?
  • You are not scared of heights
  • You believe in providing exemplary service.

If answer to above is yes, you are definitely meant for this job.

What are the minimum requirements to become a Cabin Crew / Flight Attendant?

The eligibility criteria to become a Flight Attendant or Cabin crew in India is not that tough. Look at below

  • Good in spoken English and desirable to have knowledge of one foreign language.
  • Age 18 to 26 year. But most airlines prefer age < 25 years
  • Height – minimum 5.5ft
  • Eyesight – 20/30 or better
  • Only unmarried candidates are allowed
  • Qualification – Diploma or Graduation post 12th in the field of Aviation or Hospitality

All the airlines generally take candidates based on Written test, Group Discussions and Personal Interviews.

Can I become air hostess as a male?

Of Course Flight Attendant / Air Hostess / Cabin Crew roles are open to both male and female. So yes you can and the eligibility criteria remains same for both.

Should I join an Airhostess Training Institute?

If you have degree/diploma in the relevant field Ex Aviation or hospitality, then you can apply directly with the airlines as and when the requirements are advertised.

But, joining a training institute is definitely better. One they provide certificate / diploma courses for various job roles associated with Aviation industry like Air Hostess, Ground Staff, Management, ticketing etc.

Second they provide placement assistance. All these known training institutes have good placement assistance facilities.

Third they also prepare you for group discussion, personal interview and written tests.

So joining these institutes is not a bad idea.

Which are the best Air Hostess training Institutes in India

Now that you have decided to join this field and also take training in this area, below are the list of top 10 training institutes which you can think of. Check if they are present in your area and how is their quality of training and placement in your area. For example same institute in Delhi/Mumbai may offer better placements than it’s branch in Jodhpur or Gwalior. So study the institute before you join.

Top 10 Air Hostess Training Institutes in India

Franklinn Institute of Air Hostess Training
Air Hostess Academy (AHA), Bengaluru
Rajiv Gandhi Memorial College of Aeronautics,
Universal Aviation Academy,
Aptech Aviation Academy, Bengaluru
Applied Professional Training (APT), Kolkatta
PTC Aviation Academy, Chennai
Airborn Air Hostess Academy, Delhi
Cabin Crew Training Institute, New Delhi
AKSA International Air Hostess training Institute, Indore

How much an Air Hostess training in India costs?

So this is a very relevant question if you have decided to do air hostess training. Most of the Air Hostess training Institutes charge in same range and it is from Rs 50000/- to Rs 200000/- (2 Lakhs) depending upon the course you take.

How much does an air hostess earn in india

The average salary of a Cabin Crew in Indian airlines are approx 6 Lakhs/Annum. The starting salary in this space is approx Rs 35,000 /- Per month. Experience member get up to Rs 1Lakh / Month.

If you are employed with any International airlines, then the salaries are higher with starting salaries of about Rs 60,000 /- per month.

So salaries are good. Remember there are other perks and benefits which airlines offer apart from regular salaries.

So Friends, hope you liked this information. Should you have any question, please write to me at or put your queries in comment box below.

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