Wondering why Sky is blue in color ? The color of the sky has been a subject of curiosity for humans since ancient times. While the sky may appear to be a simple blue canvas, the actual explanation for why it appears blue involves a complex interplay of physics and […]

Women empowerment means giving women the right to decide for themselves. In this article today we write about Essay on women empowerment which you can use in your school or other exam preperation. For a very long time, women have been made to feel inferior and the men keep deciding […]

Homeopathy is a way of medicine that has been used in India for many years. World Homeopathy Day is on April 10th so let us know more about this day and why is this celebrated? Homeopathy is an alternate way of medicine used by the doctors of yesteryears. It has […]

National Maritime Day India : The National Maritime Day is celebrated on the 5th of April every year in India. National Maritime Day India is celebrated to show awareness in the intercontinental commerce and global economy. Shipping is known to be the most well organized transport from one part of […]

Currently posted as the lieutenant governor of Puducherry, Kiran Bedi has been a renowned personality in all fields of life. She has made her mark in every field she has participated in. Kiran Bedi Biography is motivation to all of us. Her presence has been respected in the male-dominated society, […]

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