Data Entry Jobs – All you need to know about Data Entry Online Jobs from home

data entry jobs

If you are looking for Online Jobs from home, Data entry jobs can be a very good option. Today let us talk in details about data entry jobs. We all know it is not a very new field. It has been from the day computers have come in to our lives. But today it has become very popular because it has become a very good Online Jobs from home option.

What is a Data Entry Job

You know computers right? Computer is today used to store a lot of business and personal information. Now these information needs to be keyed in into some kind of storage which sits on computer. Hence Data entry job is where people do some kind of typing work using computer / laptop to save those information onto the computer storage.

Let me explain you in this way. Lets say a company has 1000 customer names and email address written in a notebook. Now they would like to digitize it. They would hire a Data Entry person to do this job. And that person will type this in a word, excel or any other computer software.

Data Entry Online Jobs from home

Now many data entry jobs are done in office. When internet was not so popular all these jobs were always done in office.

But today time has changed. We have better computers at home and better internet connectivity and hence many companies offer online data entry work which you can do from home. And hence data entry online jobs from home is becoming a very popular method to earn money online.

Skills needed for a Data Entry Job

Data entry jobs do not require a very high technical qualification. If you have below skills you can easily get a Data Entry Online Job or you can try for a offline Data Entry job in your locality.

  • Proficient typing and transcription : This is very important as the job involves a lot of typing work and hence speed and proficiency is needed.
  • Computer and technical skills (including software knowledge) : Very important , I mean a critical skill. You will do all on computer whether it is a offline data entry job or online data entry job.
  • Administrative , Organisational and time management abilities : You might need to lead a team of data entry operators.
  • Communication (written and verbal) – It is important in any type of job, but more so in Data Entry job as you need to communicate with lot of people and if you are doing a Data Entry Online Job then you might even be communicating with some one over seas.
  • Customer Service
  • Accuracy and attention to detail – You get paid by number of words you type. So a mistake means less payment
  • Multi-tasking – You might be working on multiple projects at same time.

Are data entry jobs good in payment

A full time data entry jobs in India has the salary of around INR 10,000 to INR 20,000 per month. But then these are full time job opportunities. When you do a Data Entry Online Job the payment is different. You can earn somewhere between Rs 300 to Rs 1500 per hour. It all depends upon the experience and quality of work you produce.

When you are working from home and doing the online data entry job, your first payment may be less, but as you do more work and build a good rapport with the client, the rates do get increased. It is all about how fast and quality work you can produce.

Which computer courses are best for data entry jobs

NIELIT Certification

You can do a certification course from National Institute of Electronics & Information Technology,Delhi (NIELIT) which is a govt recognized certificate. You can click on this link for more details.

NIELIT certified data entry operator

As per their website there are two different types of Data Entry Office Automation Courses are available:

  • Data Entry and Office Automation ( Direct)
  • Data Entry and Office Automation ( Lateral Entry)

VSKill Certification

V Skills is one of the India’s largest certification bodies. you can become a certified data entry operator from VSkills. Click here for more details.

certofoed data entry opertpr

What topics are covered in Data Entry Operator certification

Computer Appreciation
  • Basics of Computer – What is computer and why it is needed
  • Talks about computer terms which are commonly used
  • What are the various input, processes and output operations
  • What are the concepts of information size (bit, byte, etc.)
  • What are the various devices for input, output and storage
  • What are DOS basics
  • How MS-DOS is organized
  • what are the rule to follow for a filename
  • various commands of DOS and how to use them
  • Talks about the basics of Windows XP
  • Talks about the concept of user Interface of Windows XP
  • What are the various windows accessories
MS-Word 2003
  • Talks about the various elements of MS- Word
  • Talks about the procedure to open, close and create a new MS-Word file
  • Talks about he User Interface of MS-Word
  • Talks about various options of text editing
  • Talks about the document viewing options in MS-Word
  • Talks about the procedure of inserting various elements in a document
  • Talks about the procedure of formatting options of a document
MS-Excel 2003
  • Explains the various elements of a worksheet
  • Explains the procedure to open, close and create MS-Excel file
  • Explains the procedure to open, close and create new workbooks
  • Explains the menus and toolbars in MS-Excel
  • Explains the procedure of editing data in cells
  • Explains features of autofill option of MS-Excel
  • Explains the features of viewing Options in MS-Excel
  • Explains the procedure of formatting cells in MS-Excel
Miscellaneous Topics
  • Explains various types of Virus
  • Explains the concept of data processing
  • Explains the concepts of networking
English Keyboard
  • Illustrates the key layout in English keyboard
  • Illustrates process of finger mapping for English keyboard
  • Explains the steps involved in paragraphing in English keyboard
  • Explains the steps involved in syllabification of words in English keyboard
  • Illustrates the punctuation rules in English keyboard

Data Entry Jobs

There are a lot of data entry jobs. If you are looking for an online and work from home jobs then it can be a bit more research. But if you are looking for office work, you can check at the various job sites. For example loot the screen shot below from Naulri. There are 25K + jobs available. So its still a lot of jobs out there.

Are data entry job offers online genuine

There are lot of Data Entry Job offers online if you search. Unfortunately many online and work from home data entry jobs can be scam as well. So you have to be a bit careful while selecting with whom you would like to start working.

If a company is asking you to deposit some money before you start working, then this is a warning sign. So you should check out all the facts before you start working.

How can I get a data entry job from home

There are many companies which can look into. I will list down these websites names here. You have to contact them to see if there are any job offers available.

  • FlexJobs (
  • Microworkers (
  • Scribie (
  • SigTrack (
  • Freelancer ( )
  • worknhire (
  • Naukri (
  • CapitalTyping (
  • AxionData (


Data entry jobs were one of the first jobs when computer came into our lives and same is true for Internet as well. As soon as Internet started becoming popular, Online Data Entry Jobs from home became one of the most sought after jobs. This also led to many scams. Many websites popped up which offered data entry jobs and demanded money . But nevertheless, this is still one of the most sought after jobs in internet today which gives a flexibility to work from home. But you need to do your home work before you get into this.



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