What is OTP – What is full form of OTP – What is OTP number

Friends, today we will learn about OTP. OTP has become a very common term in modern times and almost everyone knows about it. But often the information of the people is limited only to the fact that OTP is used in any online transaction such as a purchase. So today we will know more about it i.e What is OTP, What is full form of OTP . So let us see what is OTP number

What is full form of OTP

So friends first of all know What is full form of OTP. So OTP full form is – One Time Password – that is, a password that can be used only once (one time only). So you can say that it is a temporary passwords.

What is OTP number

Like we said earlier – OTP means One Time Password.

You must know all about the password. Password is the secret code that you use for many purposes. Just like your mobile PIN is a password. Or your laptop has the password to login or your bank account password. These are permanent passwords. They do not change until you change them.

But OTP or One Time Password can be used only once and is valid for some time. Often OTP (One Time Password) cannot be used after 5 to 10 minutes and you have to ask for another code.

Where is OTP used. Why we get OTP?

OTP is used in many places. We are giving some examples below

To verify (verify) your mobile number.

Many times you have to verify your mobile number. In that you get an OTP on the phone. Now if you have your own mobile then only you will not get OTP. In this way you verify and confirm that this mobile is yours.

To register on websites

Now you must have seen many a times that when you register on a website … for example you are creating an email address on Google, then such websites send you a code to confirm your mobile number. You get the OTP number which you have to enter the webpage. This is to make sure that you own the email address as you verify the OTP

what is OTP , What is full form of OTP

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To create a new password ( in case you forget your password)

Many times you forget the password of your email, bank account and many other things that you do online. There are many ways to setup a new password and the safest way is to use OTP. You get an OTP and when you verify that OTP, you get a link to change the password and then you can change your password.

This is the best way to change the password

Online banking – use of mobile or laptop and do banking ( internet banking)

Have you used your mobile banking or internet banking to send money to anyone. You must have seen that they send you a code, that is, you get an OTP and your transaction is completed only after you enter this OTP. That is, all online work related to bank cannot be done without OTP.

That is, OTP is required to do all the transactions related to the bank.

To use your credit and debit card online

Sometimes you have used your credit or debit card to buy something online, such as Amazon or Flipkart. If yes, then you must have seen that you get an OTP. It is very important to enter this OTP because without it your purchase is not complete.

How does OTP system work. How do we get OTP

So now that we know what is OTP, what is full form of OTP, let see you does OTP work?

So the way OTP works is very simple but there are many advantages. But or how does it work? We will take an example of a bank transaction. Suppose you want to login to your account online and send money to a friend.

1. First you will login to your account and then you will request fund transfer

2. After that the bank’s computer will create a code (ie one time password) and send it to the mobile number given in your bank. The bank’s computer knows which code it has sent to you.

3. Then you will get that code through SMS on your mobile

4. Then you will enter that code on the page of the bank website where there is a place to enter one time password (OTP).

5. Now the bank’s computer will check that you have entered the correct OTP or not

6. Once the bank’s computer has checked that OTP is correct, it will complete your fund transfer request.

Advantages of OTP

By now you must have understood that without OTP you cannot do any important transaction. So this means that OTP is to ensure that you are doing this transaction.

So OTP is a security system. You enter your password first and then OTP.

So in a way OTP is part of the 2 layer security system and makes your transactions more secure.

Some we do not receive OTP – why ?

Many times we have seen that OTP is sent but OTP is not coming, then you check this

  • Your phone’s network is coming or not – if the phone is not in network then SMS will not come and hence OTP will not come.
  • Is your incoming (incoming) blocked ? If there is no balance in the phone then you face such problems
  • Check that you have given the correct phone number.
  • If all the above is correct, then the computer system from where the OTP is supposed to come is not working properly or is overloaded
  • You test the “Resend OTP” option
  • Many banks and other websites also offer “OTP on call”. Try it too.
  • Many banks and other websites make you generate OTP by calling a number or sending a message from your registered mobile. So also check this option as well

Important point to note about OTP

The most important thing about OTP is that OTP is your password. So you should not share OTP with anyone. OTP is the secret code for you. It should not be misused .

Also remember OTP has a time limit. Generally expires in 5 to 10 mins

What did we learn ?

So friends, we understood that today what is OTP, what is full form of OTP, Why OTP is used etc and …. Why shouldn’t OTP share with anyone.

Hope you like this information. If you have any question or have any comment, do let me know.

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