Indra Nooyi Biography – One of the greatest women leaders

Indra Nooyi Biography : Women are excelling in every field they step in. She is no more just a good homemaker or a housewife. There are many more achievements that have been enlisted for her. Women are now setting examples for others, mind it not only other women but also men.

She stands the 11th in the position on Forbes list of most powerful women.

Indra has shown the world that Indians are no less than the other people in the world. If given a chance we can do wonders.

About Indra Nooyi in Brief

PepsiCo is one of the largest food and beverage company in the world. Indra has lead this firm for more than 11 glorious years.

She has multiplied the profits many folds. Her persistent hard work had paid off. Indra is now among the top 100 most powerful women in this whole world. She infused her hard work and innovative ideas to bring the business to its best phase.

Though she was born in a middle-class family in Chennai she had been working with all the strength and thought to fight against societal problems and rise to the top. Let us read the Biography of Indra Nooyi .

Indra Nooyi Biography

Women like Indra Nooyi have stood out from the league and shown to the world that women are great leaders. They can not only gain success for themselves but also for those related to her. Indra has been a successful CEO of PepsiCo for more than 11 years.

Indra Nooyi Early life

Indra Nooyi was born in Chennai on 28 October of the year 1955. Her father was a bank official and she belonged to a middle-class family. Indra did her schooling at Holy Angels Anglo Indian Higher secondary school. She graduated from the Madras Christian College in the year 1974.

She had studied the subject of mathematics, chemistry, and physics. Indra was a rebellious child by nature and became a part of the Band and played guitar followed by joining an all-girls cricket team.

She then did her master’s from the Indian Institute Of management of Calcutta in the year 1976.

Indra Nooyi Career

Beginning of her career:

Indra Nooyi started her first job at Tootal which was a British textile company having a stronghold in India.

The next job she got was that of a product manager in Johnson and Johnson. She did a challenging job of introducing sanitary pads in the name of Stayfree in India.

The advertisement of such products related to women’s hygiene was banned. So Indira directly approached and marketed among the young users in schools and colleges.

After this task, Indra realized that she further needed the training to deal with such marketing tasks.

To make her footing strong in the business world she went on to do a Master’s degree from Yale School of Management in 1978.

Her career in America:

In the year 1980 after graduating from Yale University, Indra joined the Boston Consulting Group as a director. She designed and delivered many strategies in this position for a stretch of six years.

Then Indra started her job at Motorola in the year 1986 as a senior executive in the automotive section. As a result of her hard work, Indra received many promotions and soon became the vice-president of the company in 1988.

Another change of job made her join ABB or Asea Brown Boveri. During this job, she integrated a group of 15 different businesses into one single operation.

Indra Nooyi job at PepsiCo:

By the mid-1990’s she was a sought after person in the field of corporate jobs. Many of the world leaders were chasing her to join them. In 1994 she was offered a job at both General electrical and Pepsico as vise president.

She chooses to join PepsiCo. Indra was the senior vice president of corporate strategies and development. She worked in close contact with the then CEO, Roger Enrico.

They made many new strategies to shape the future of the company. PepsiCo used to own KFC, Taco Bell, and also Pizza Hut. Indira suggested and saw the division of these businesses so that they could flourish independently.

Tricon Global Restaurants Inc was created and these three businesses were divested, now this company is named Yum! Brands Inc. This is now the largest fast-food company in the world.

Indra preferred to expand the business of healthy snacking. This lead to the acquisition of brands such as Tropicana and Quaker oats companies. This proved to be a very profitable merger for PepsiCo. She became the CFO in 200. Indra became president of the company in 2001.

Finally, when Steve Reinemund retired in the year 2006, Indra Nooyi was made the CEO. She was the fifth CEO in the whole 44 years of the Pepsico company history.

Indra Nooyi Achievements:

  • Indra Nooyi has ranked in the Forbes magazine list of top 100 most powerful women.
  • She was in the first position from the year 2006 to 2010. In the year 2007 Indra was awarded the Padma Bhushan by the President of India.
  • She was also named CEO of the year in the Global Supply Chain Leaders group.

Summary ( Indra Nooyi Biography )

Indra Nooyi has taught the world how to think out of the box. She has achieved many unachievable targets in the corporate world. Indra Nooyi has shown and set an example of the best marketing skills.

She took the PepsiCo company towards profits at a very high speed. Personally, Indra is close to her family and her mother. Now she is known to have retired from PepsiCo after 11 years of being CEO to spend time with her mother and family.

Indra is a woman with a will of steel and determination undisturbed by the circumstances. She does not give up easily on anything. Indra fights back and finds new ways to deal with the problem.

She has shown the world there are many difficulties in the way to progress, but one must stay determined, and success is bound to fall in line. Hard work always pays off and there is success not just for you but also for those around you. Stay focused on your goals and aim at the best.

Indra Nooyi Biography is definitely a motivation for all of us.

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