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Women empowerment means giving women the right to decide for themselves. In this article today we write about Essay on women empowerment which you can use in your school or other exam preperation.

For a very long time, women have been made to feel inferior and the men keep deciding for them all their life.

First the father, then brothers, husband and later their sons. So, in the whole life, she is never allowed to make her own decisions.

This feeling of making decisions is very important in making one independent and give women power.

The women too have the right to be on the front and grow. They can have a life full of dignity free from any sort of fear.

Gender equality is one of the human rights which must be given to women of all spheres of life.

Essay on women empowerment – what is women empowerment?

Letting the women be responsible for all her own activities as well as for others. They should be treated equally just like men.

Women must be allowed to lead the decision making at times at home and work.

She must be given a chance to live with dignity, this will impact the development of the whole family, as a result, the whole society.

Women are the building pillars of society, so if we make them firm our society will be very strong.

Strengthening women can reduce the illiteracy and poverty of a nation. There will be lesser famine and health-related issues as well.

Essay on women empowerment – What needs to be done?

The first thing is to stop making the women feel low and dependant on others. Gender-based violence must stop.

There must be no economic inequality. Malpractices in the name of tradition must be stopped.

Reproductive inequalities must be removed. Women also suffer during any emergency situation of war or diseases.

They are not given equal opportunities for education and jobs. There is limited access to health facilities and legal institutes.

What are the problems faced by women that need to be addressed?

Girls begin to face inequality right from their birth, they are not allowed to be born. There is a problem, female feticide which is gross.

Then after birth, the girl child is not allowed to get access to education or good food. She is not even given any special medical facilities.

In the name of tradition, there are many disparities which the women have to undergo. Domestic violence, dowry, sati, and many such issues are faced by, women.

Even in the field of work, firstly they are not allowed to go out of the home to earn. And if she does reach a workplace there is ample gender bias to pull her down.

The worst part is that women do not let other women succeed at times due to the jealousy they have.

At work, there are long hours of work and lesser pay. In terms of fertility also women are seldom given a choice.

They are denied the right to make the choice in the name of traditions.

In legal terms also daughters are not given part of their father’s or mother’s property.

If there is a divorce, women have to suffer gravely and given a petty sum.

Health problems of women are not taken seriously till there are adverse effects.

Who can help with women’s empowerment?

It is the responsibility of each and every person to help the women come ahead. Charity begins at home, similarly, the good deeds must be started at home. Let your daughter, wife, or sister be independent.

Take their opinion also in the important decisions about household things. For the severely suffering women, there are many NGOs and institutes that are specially dedicated to helping women.

They help women get safety, food, education, and health facilities. These NGO’s also help the women become financially independent and teach them hand skills.

Steps to be taken towards women empowerment:

The government is bringing forward many schemes to empower women. Beginning with imposing a ban on female feticide.

The government has come up with schemes for education and mid-day meals for women. There are special seats reserved for women in schools and colleges.

The girls are offered scholarships upon excelling in academics. Even for the job sector, now there are many reservations for women.

They are allowed an equal chance to lead an institute and set an example. They are given proper legal assistance as well.

There are special firms that work only with women so that they can freely express themselves.

Essay on women empowerment –Impact of women empowerment

An educated woman can improve the lifestyle and standard of the whole family. There will be lesser health issues as she will be well aware of cleanliness and able to give first aid.

Also, there will be a lesser infant mortality rate. She will be able to control her fertility as per her choice and the needs of the family.

Upon getting a chance to earn, women can improve the living standard by lending a hand at the expenditure of the household.

The extra income can also serve as a saving for the family. Bringing women to the forefront in the political sphere has proven to be beneficial for all.

She will be aware of the problems at the grass-root level and will be able to give solutions that are effective.

A woman must be well aware of all her legal rights as well to excel in all spheres of life, personal as well as professional.


women must not be treated as free domestic help. They must never be taken for granted and disrespected. Give respect to all the women around you at home and work.

They should be given equal opportunities. Parents must not feel daughters as a burden, instead, give them a chance to make you proud.

There have been many renowned women in all fields of life from being scientists to doctors and so on. Even if she is not a renowned personality outside, let her be the queen of her house.

Give respect to receive respect. When women are given the steering wheel of the family or work they will steer you straight to success.

Just give them a chance and see the wonders they can do. Women have also led nations and missions to Mars, so there is virtually nothing impossible for women to achieve.

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