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Women are excelling in every field of life. They are competing and coming to the forefront in every sphere of life. One such strong woman is Mary Kom.

She has excelled and made her place on the top in the sport of boxing. Mary Kom had to face many challenges physically and on a personal level, but she kept her will strong and became stronger than ever.

She is an inspiration for the young girls of today.

One must never fall prey to any demoralization being showered by the audience, in fact, the player must try and reply back by playing an awesome game. This is the true sportsman spirit.

General information about Mary Kom

The full name of Mary Kom is Chungeijang Mary Kom Hmangte. She belongs to the state of Manipur.

Her date of birth is 01, March 1983. She holds a record of being five times the winner of the women’s world amateur boxing championship.

In the years 2002,2005,2006,2008 and 2010. She has also been four times the winner of the Asian Women’s Championship in the years 2003, 2005, 2010, and 2012.

According to her, there was a lot of demoralization towards her from the people around her.

They used to say that boxing is a sport reserved for men only. She promised herself and made it a point to prove them wrong.

She made way for other girls into the field of boxing as well by doing wonders and winning laurels.

She never let the feeling of failure overpower her. She stepped up and became stronger with each punch of the opponent.

Life of Mary Kom

Mary Kom was born in Kangathei in Manipur to Tonpa Kom and Akham Kom.

Manipur was considered one of the backward regions in the area of the seven sister states. In those days there was strife among the people of the state.

Mary Kom did not belong to a very well off family. She had to struggle with poverty and did not even get square meals at times.

She had three younger siblings. Being a caring sister she took care of them and cooked food. Her parents had to work hard in the fields in Jhum as they were peasants.

Mary Kom was interested in the field of sports from her childhood. In the beginning, she participated in games like Short put and Discus Throw.

She was very impressed by a boxer named Dingko Singh. Her father was truly against her taking up the sport and did not like the sport of boxing anyway.

He used to say it is a game for the males only. Though he was an ex-sportsperson, he felt that boxing would decrease her chances of finding a good groom.

How she took up boxing

Even after repeatedly being told by her father to leave the sport, Mary Kom was keen on excelling in this sport.

She wanted to make sure that she proved her point. She not only wanted to do well and make it a sport for women she also aimed at winning the Olympics for her nation.

This was the boxing running down from her father’s genes that made her fight even stronger and become a world-renowned boxer.

During her training days, she did not have proper gears, which made training tough.

There were many injuries in the process but she faced them all and braved to train even harder.

She even participated in street fights to earn money to support her training.

She proved to the entire world that champions are not born that way they are trained and made to be champions.

At the age of 15, Mary moved to Imphal, where she could join the sports academy. There she met coach Narjit Singh.

He pushed her in the right direction towards success. She became the gold medalist winner at the state level.

After this win her father too supported her and she set out to win the world. She began winning gold medals at international levels.

Her sabbatical and come back

In a women’s life marriage and kids generally act as a full stop to the career. For Mary Kom too the birth of her twins had proven to be very taxing as they both needed her.

But she did not let it stop her. She took a leave of around two years, trained well, and came back even stronger.

This was a very tough time for her but her husband supported her always. She is married to Onler in 2005.

He himself is also a player. He stayed back and took care of the kids while Mary Kom trained and made sure she was ready in a short while for the next tournament.

With all the training and the struggle, she proved that women must not stop following their dreams and goals after marriage and kids.

With the support of a loving husband, it is possible to regain control of their life and excel.

She wants to inspire other women as well by training physically and becoming stronger than before.

You can begin to take care of yourself at any age. After all this, she won the 2012 London Olympics even as she had to fight in a weight range higher than hers.

Her awards and achievements are as follows:

  • Five times she was a winner of women’s world boxing championship in the years 2002,2005,2006,2008and 2010.
  • Four times she won the Asian women’s championship in the years 2003,2005,2010and 2012.
  • She was given the Arjuna Award in India in 2003.
  • She was awarded the Padma Shree in India in the year 2006.
  • She also won the Rajiv Gandhi Khel award in 2009. She was also given the Padma Bhushan award in the year 2013.
  • She also won a gold medal in 2018 in the Commonwealth Games.


Mary Kom has become an inspiration for one and all. She has shown that strong will can help excel in all spheres of life.

Not just in the field of sports but in life daily. If you have the determination and support of your loved ones you can become successful at any age.

Mary Kom has made India proud by winning many awards and laurels to the country.

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