Kiran Bedi Biography

Currently posted as the lieutenant governor of Puducherry, Kiran Bedi has been a renowned personality in all fields of life. She has made her mark in every field she has participated in. Kiran Bedi Biography is motivation to all of us.

Her presence has been respected in the male-dominated society, as a well known and firm women. She is among those women who lead the society by an example.

Kiran Bedi came into the scene of police lines when there was a lot of crime. She has been given the credit of clearing the scum of society to a great level.

She is in fact the person behind major positive and strong steps being taken towards women’s safety.

kiran bedi education

Kiran Bedi hails from Amritsar in Punjab. She was the second born of Prakash Peshawariya and prem Peshawariya on June 9, 1949. She is their second daughter among a total of four daughters.

Her parents supported her on each step to make her excel in academics and all spheres of life.

In her school and college life, Kiran Bedi had been a prominent Tennis Player. She won the Asian Women’s Lawn Tennis Championship as well.

She has been neck to neck with men and even surpassed them at times.

In 1970 she completed her Master’s in Political Science and stood as the topper of the class.

IPS Kiran Bedi

A career as IPS officer

Kiran Bedi was the first woman to enter as an IPS officer in the batch of 80 in the year 1972.

She underwent rigorous training at the National Academy of Administration in Mussoorie for six months, then for nine months at Mt. Abu and then followed by Punjab Police.

She was then allotted the Union Territory cadre according to draw.

First Posting

Kiran Bedi was posted in Chanakyapuri in Delhi in the year 1975. She became the first woman to lead an all-male contingent of Delhi Police on the Republic Day parade in the same year.

In this area, the crime was minor thefts. But the area is highly politically influential so it saw many demonstrations. One such event occurred in 1978 on 15 November.

There were around 800 protesters, protesting on the roads near the India Gate. Their protest became violent as the protestors started pelting stones. To stop them Kiran Bedi’s platoon did not have a gas squad.

She fought the swords of the protestors with canes. She lead her platoon to charge them and disperse them with minimum damage. For this thoughtful action, Kiran Bedi was Awarded the President’s Police Medal of Gallantry in the year 1980.

War against crime

As her next posting she was sent to the western district of Delhi. It was the hub of crime and wrong activities.

She accepted the challenge and nailed down the level of these crimes. She cracked down on the criminals.

She began by sending a patrolling party of six men from among civilians as volunteers along with policemen at night in the affected areas.

Kiran Bedi then stopped all the illicit liquor sales in the area. Another noted initiative by her was the anonymous reporting of any criminal activity in the area.

She installed letterboxes to gather information. She also introduced an open-door policy to allow people to come to her directly without fear and interact.

She is also known to have installed the beatbox system. Here one can file a complaint and immediate action is taken by a beat constable.

Bedi used to walk among not just the locals but also her constables to boost their morale.

There was a noted reduction of crime against women too due to her positive approach.

Here she became a social activist along with a police officer. She would help the people as a human being as well as serve them as a police officer.

Known as Crane Bedi

In the year 1982 due to the Asian Games there was a lot of choking of traffic in the city of Delhi.

She was DCP traffic at this time. There was construction work of 19 stadiums and many flyovers undergoing. Bedi saw to it that the MCD, DDA, and other departments all worked in complete coordination.

She also started nabbing the errant drivers by spot fines. She was given a nickname CRANE BEDI as she is also known to have started the towing away of wrongly parked vehicles.

They did not even exempt the car registered in the name of the Prime Minister or her own relatives. She was supported by her seniors as well. She carried her image of CRANE BEDI where ever she went.

Kiran Bedi as Social activist

Bedi has been a social activist throughout her service and afterward also. She works towards the upliftment of the women and everyone in need.

Bedi established the Navjyoti India Foundation and India Vision Foundation for the cause.

The foundation also helps alcohol and drug addicts. She is also a renowned women’s rights activist.

Bedi emphasizes the empowerment of rural women for a better society building.

Kiran Bedi as Lieutenant Governor of Puducherry

Bedi is currently posted as the Lieutenant Governor of Puducherry since 29 May 2016.

She also addressed the gathering from day one. She has been closely working with the people and serves as one of their own.

Her belief is TEA meaning building trust, giving empowerment, and gaining accountability.

Bedi has turned her residence from Raj Niwas to People’s niwas by throwing the gates open to the general public to visit her.

She even goes out on foot or cycle in the public places on the weekends to see the situation around her.

She has solved problems such as sanitation, de-silting channels, cleanliness, garbage issues, reviving beaches.


Bedi is a true social worker in all forms. Kiran Bedi constantly works towards the betterment of the women and the weaker section.

But she has been improving the standard of living of society as a whole. Her best habit is participating herself and initiating all the changes required.

She believes in living by setting an example for others. She is a true leader of the ideal society.

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