Hot IT Skills – Top IT Skills for 2020

Are you an IT Student or a fresher looking to break into job market. Or are you an experienced IT professional looking to upgrade your skills. Welcome to “Hot IT Skills – Top IT Skills for 2020.”

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Why learn new technologies?

It or Computer Science is an area which keep on changing and evolving every day. If you an IT professional, you should always be on your toes and keep learning and upgrading your self with new technologies to keep yourselves relevant in job market.

There was time when C / C++ / COBOL etc (if you remember) were in demand and today it’s Python, R etc. So you should keep learning and upgrading.

Hot IT Skills – 5 trending IT Skills you should learn today?

Below is my pick of 5 top IT Skills for 2020, you should consider acquiring if you are looking to learn something new.

  • DATA Science & Artificial Intelligence
  • Cloud Computing
  • IOT (Internet Of Things)
  • Block Chain
  • Cyber Security

Core certifications you should aim for in 2020






Read, Read and Read

As an IT professional or some one entering into IT world, you need to read a lot. Read, Read and Read. Below are some blogs you can follow.

Some good technology & programming blogs

There are many more. Above ones are quite popular.

Create your profile on LinkedIn and you can follow some of the famous technology influencers like

Daniel Burrus
Meg Whitman
Jeff Wiener
Pete Cashmore
Dharmesh Shah
Bernard Marr

And many more influencers to follow based on your interest……

Hope you have got some idea on what to look for , for your learning during 2020. So go ahead and get moving.

If you need any advice please write to me on or post your query in the comment box below!

Happy learning


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