What is Domain Authority. Why Domain Authority is important

Friends, today we will talk about Domain Authority. In this post you will understand, What is Domain Authority of a website and why it is so important for people who run a website. But before understanding domain authority directly, let us first understand the meaning of these two words and this will give you a little bit of idea about this term. So friends, welcome to our post “What is Domain Authority. Why Domain Authority is important”.

Meaning of word Domain Authority

You must have heard the word authority many times. What does it mean? If you check Dictionary , authority means – the power or right to give orders, make decisions, and enforce obedience. This means that authority represents power and influence in a way. It in a way tells how much influence some one has on people around them.

Now let us talk about the domain, you all know that the domain is the address of a website. Like the domain of our website is indiacareeradvice.com

So Domain Authority in a way shows the power of your domain.

Thousands of websites are crated on the internet every day. These websites can be anything. Such as, it may be a blog or a product or service website. Or a company can have a website. Everyone wants to be recognized in the Internet world. But how will you understand how much that website is liked by people ?

One way to check is that when you search on google, or yahoo etc, then which link comes first. If the link is higher it means that the Domain Authority of that website is good. So it must be checked what is Domain Authority of that website!

So what is Domain Authority

Domain Authority, also called DA in short form, is a metric that shows how important your website is in the Internet world. This metric was started by MOZ, an SEO company.

How is MOZ Domain Authority decided

MOZ assigns an number to every website which is based on different parameters. This number ranges from 1 to 100. We call this number Domain Authority score or the DA Score.

Why Domain Authority is important for your website

Domain authority shows how your website will rank on different search engines like google, yahoo, bing, etc.

So it is clear from this that the more DA Score, the better your website will be ranked on these search engines. And the better the search ranking, the more you will get web traffic and the more popular your website will be.

When your website or blog is new, your DA Score will be zero but as your website grows, your DA will also increase. So different websites therefore have different Domain Authority scores. As your Domain Authority score increases, understand that the traffic of your website is also getting better.

How to check Domain Authority of Website?

There are a lots of tools on internet to check this. Using them, you will be able to know what is the DA score of your website or blog.

The best thing to do for this job is Free Domain SEO Analysis Tool which is from MOZ company. This is a very good tool and since MOZ has created this metric itself, this tool will give you the results on MOZ parameters only.

What is Domain Authority.

Just put your website in it and will tell you that according to this, your DA’s score

Then there is another tool – Domain Authority checker which is websiteseochecker Click here for this tool .

There is another tool that comes from aHref and we highly recommend it. You must also check this.

ahref - why Domain Authority is important

So friends, you have seen how to do a Domain Authority check ( how to find domain authority of a website), now let us see how can we increase DA score of our website.

How to improve Domain Authority of a website – How to improve website DA Score

So it is absolutely right that if you have understood what DA score is, then definitely you would like to increase the DA score of your blog or your website. So for this, we are giving some ways below and all of us who run a blog or website should work hard to increase the DA Score of our site.

Quality Content

This is the most important. There are thousands of people who write today. Just like you and we are writing, so do many other people. And this is true. So it is important that your content is the best. Only then will people read it and spend their time on it. And if your content is good, people will also share it, which will make your profile of the website even better. So a great content is the first need of any website


When another website considers your content to be good and links your page / website to any of its pages, it is called Backlinks. That is, that website is telling to its readers that there is a good article on your website.

This increases the importance of your website. The more quality Backlinks , the more traffic will come to your website and your website profile will increase.


Interlinking generally we miss and do not pay attention to it. There will be many related articles in your site. You link them together. We call this Interlinking.

For example the article below is also related to blogging. So I am giving a link to it here. This is called as Interlinking.

Why SEO is so important in blogging . For all other blogging related articles check at the end of this post.

Social Media Profile

This is very important in today’s time. What is the importance of social media like Facebook, Pintrest in today’s time, we all know better. So it is important that you promote your website on social media. This will increase the traffic on your website / blog as well as your DA score will also increase.

Organic traffic

And the last thing is by using the entire SEO techniques, whether it is onpage SEO or offpage SEO, pay attention to improving the organic traffic of your website. The better traffic, the better DA Score!

Friends hope you liked our post “What is Domain Authority. Why Domain Authority is important”. If you want more information in this regard, please do send your questions / feedback in the comment box below.

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