What is SEO and Why it is so important in Blogging?

If you are interested in Blogging, but are very new to this blogging world, you might not know about SEO. But if you are on internet a lot you probably would have heard of this term. So what is SEO ? Let’s try to learn this from a layman’s point of view.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization”. This means any web page to be optimized for Search Engines. Now this still looks confusing. Isn’t it?

Let’s try to understand it again. You know of search engines? In most probability YES.

What is a search engine

So google is a search engine. This search engine was developed by google. Similarly Bing is a search engine and this engine was developed by microsoft.

Now we all know about google right. We use google to search the internet for content. That is why google is a search engine. So what this search engine does? It basically searches the web and gives you the result relevant to your search query.

what is a search query

Oh new term “Search Query” .. this is nothing but the query or question you write on google or bing to search.

How search engine works

So how does google does that? Google has written “Crawlers” which are nothing but programs which keep on running on web and checking each and every page and then stores information about the page. This information tells google what this page is all about.

For example if you write “Best iPhone”, it already has information about the web page which signifies best iPhone and shows you those pages.

Now there are thousands of people who have written about “best iPhone”, but if you see there are only 10 pages which on first page and then next 10 on next page. Why is it so? This is because google (and any other search engine you are using), thinks that these top 10 pages are the best pages with the information “best iPhone”.

So this ranking google does based on the information it has found about the page when its crawlers are crawling the web,

So why SEO is important for blogging?

So very simple as I described in previous section, SEO is about writing the content is such a way that google is able to understand that the page provides the best content on the topic. A good content is most important. But letting search engine know that you are writing a good content is also equally important. And how this is done? Basically all these HTML pages has certain tags called as META tags and these needs to be maintained when you are designing your page.

Whe all these tags are maintained, crawlers look at these tags to understand what the content is all about and store these information, by ranking them in a order.

SEO helps you to get your content rank higher in order.

Are there tool to do SEO

Yes there are tool which help you identify the areas of improvement in you content for better SEO. But remember you need to do SEO yourselves or get it done by some one who is expert in doing SEO. It is always better to get an understanding of SEO if you are in blogging space.

Can I learn SEO for job?

Even if you are not in blogging you can learn SEO because this is a very good career option. Learning SEO is part of Digital Marketing course. But you can also do self learnings on SEO. You can use websites like udemy and coursera for some good courses on this topic.

I hope I was able to explain this well. In our next article on this topic we will see how SEO is done.

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