Working from home, Few tips to make this more efficient

Friends do you work from home ? Many a times we have a situation where we are not able to go to office. With advancement in technology we have now a possibility to do our job or part of our job from home.

These situations can be many. For example a sick child at home. Or you yourselves are not well enough to go to office but can work sitting on you laptop. Or there is a disaster situation where it is not possible to go to office.

Technology has made possible to take care of our work at such situation. In industries like IT this concept is well known, but it is also picking up in other services and industries.

Of Course their are field jobs where this is not possible. Like a manufacturing or marketing this is definitely not as much possible, but in IT/HR/Finance etc it is working out.

Below are some tips to make your working from home more efficient.

Work from home tips

Make a dedicated work space

Yes, this works wonders. Make a dedicated work space for yourselves, like you have a dedicated work space in your office. What you need – a table and chair, but this will make sure that you sit and work at a dedicated place. Many a times what happens is that we sit on sofa and work or lie down on bed and work. Many people may be are very good at doing that, but for most of us to be more productive we need a dedicated place to sit and work. I think it really work wonders.

Maintain office time – Work from home does not means holiday

This is another important point. I have noticed that when people work from home, they start taking it more relaxed. If your office hours are from 9 to 5. You should be logged in to your workstation in that time period. If you are not available, you need to inform your team members. You need to be reachable. You are not on holiday!

Never bring food to your table

Basically what I want to say is that do not eat and work together. If office lunch hours are for 30 mins. Take that 30 mins out when you are working at home and eat your lunch at the dining table only. Don’t bring it to your work table.

Also when we are working from home, we tend to keep on eating something or other. Basically we are at home and we have many things to eat in kitchen. It actually adds calories to your body and not good for health.

So, maintain the fix time for breakfast and lunch. Login in time and have lunch on time.!

Always keep phone and laptop charger on your work table

Alway keep your phone and laptop charger handy. You are not in office and hence all your meetings are going to happen over phone or internet. Make sure that you have these devices well charged and always keep these chargers near so that you don’t need to leave your meeting in between to get one!

Inform people that you are working from home

If you are in meeting and are working from home, inform the meeting participants about the same. If you are at home, you might have kids around. You might have a pet or there might be dog bark from neighbour hood and it is perfectly fine. In today’s global world, people know about this are are ok. But it is always nice not to hesitate and inform people in the meeting.

Invest in a good headphone

This is very very important. All your calls are going to happen over phone / internet and hence invest in a good headphone. They play a very important role. A good headphone with a good microphone is very crucial. Check if you can get one which removes the background noise. You don’t need to spend a fortune. But a good one from a good brand will definitely work.

Check you internet connection before all important meetings

Yes check if your kids are not watching any movie on Netflix etc. or if there is a music running on any smart phone. All these take your network bandwidth and if you are on let’s say a skype call you will need to check all these and make sure that you do not have bandwidth issues. Best will be to disable wifi for these devices so that you have dedicated bandwidth for your skype meeting!

I hope you liked my suggestions and work from home tips . In case you have any feedback or comments on working from home, you can write to me at skumar@ Or, you can also send me your feedback in the comment box below. Looking for a career in Data Analytics click on – Data Analytics / Data Science. Have a good day!

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