Affiliate Marketing for Beginners – How to start affiliate marketing

Today with Internet, there is a lot of opportunity to make money online. We all know that and we have been hearing this for quite some time. In fact during last few years, these terms like online business, making money online, affiliate marketing etc has been trending topics on google / internet. Affiliate marketing is one of them. If you are looking for how to start affiliate marketing then our this guide Affiliate marketing for Beginners will help you. So let’s get started.

Let us try to define Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

So How to start affiliate marketing ? Well first, I will try to explain this topic in a very simple language and with some parallels. Let me ask you these questions.You must be having a LIC policy? No, then you father must have one. If you try to find out, you will come to know that these policies are sold by some LIC agents. Now these agents are not the creater of the policy. The policy is from LIC, but these guys are only selling it and what do they get back in return? Some commission from LIC. Friends essentially this LIC agent is doing a affiliate marketing.

So what you understood from above ? It is a definition of affiliate marketing. So affiliate marketing can be defined as –

Process of earning a commission by selling products and services offered by other companies.

Any one can do this. You, me and any one.

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners – What is affiliate commission

If you have the skills to promote and sell a product, you can start earning money as commission. For example there a company which manufactures Air Conditioners, and says that any one who is able to get a sale of the AC will be given 10% commission. Now if that AC costs 50,000 and you are able to sell that AC , you will get a commission of 5000 /-. Now since you understand a fair bit on what affiliate marketing is we will also see further on how to start affiliate marketing.

What is a difference with a Shop and Affiliate Marketing.

Now this question will come to your mind. Shops are also doing that right. A home appliance shop will have AC, you go and buy it. If the AC costed 45 K to shop owner and he sells it to you for 50K, he makes 5K profit. So what is the difference then?

That is the catch and the major difference. As a affiliate marketer you do not need to maintain any inventory. you just need to direct the customer to the company which has this product and if there a sale, it gives you some commission.

Now this is a very important point and that is , this become a very very good use case for online affiliate marketing. You start promoting a product online – and any where online. When people go to buy that product, they also carry with them a unique id which you give them and that tells the company that they came through you and hence the commission should go to you.

Why should you do affiliate marketing

So now that you understand the concept, it is important to also see why you should try entering this business model. There are various reasons and compelling ones.

  • Online Affiliate business is growing at the rate of more that 10% per annum
  • more than 80% companies today use online affiliate marketing as one of their tools to promote product
  • Once you master it, you earn money even when you are sleeping
  • The market is wide open. Not just India, but you can promote products across the wprld.

Where you can do Affiliate Marketing

As a beginner in affiliate marketing, you would also be thinking that , what are the avenues you can use for affiliate marketing.

Ok, so let me tell you that, you can use any online media like internet ( Blog / Guest Posts / forums etc), Apps, Social media platforms ( Like Whatsapp , Face book, Twitter, Instagram etc) .. so any online media platform for your affiliate marketing. But how does it all tie together, we will check that soon.

OK, so now you know

  • What is Affiliate Marketing
  • What is the difference between Affiliate business and a regular shop
  • How do you earn in affiliate marketing
  • Where all you can do affiliate marketing

Now two important thing to note and we will try to answer it below

  1. What should be your expectation as beginner ( as we will answer that, this post is all about Affiliate Marketing for Beginners)
  2. How to start affiliate marketing

What not to expect from affiliate marketing

Remember, Affiliate marketing is like any other work. It needs time and effort. You should go with realistic expectation. Lot of writers and you tuber will give the title for their blog as “Become a Affiliate Marketer and Earn Lakhs” . Well it is true that this is possible. But they never tell you what effort is needed and hence this is the reason why majority , though start with lot of enthusiasm, fail and back out.

  • You need to have passion for marketing. You should be able to promote a product or service as a marketing champion
  • Don’t expect that yo write a article or just share the affiliate link on social media and people will start buying it generating commission for you
  • You need to have passion for writing a nice article. You cannot just write anything and expect people to read it and buy it.
  • You cannot expect to start earning from day 1. It is like regular business and take time and effort to be successful as with any other business
  • Don’t expect a fancy commission. Not all products give you 30 to 50% , majority are in 2 to 10% range and hence you need consistent effort to promote the product you are trying to.
  • You need to be realistic and have patience.

Ok lets see once again how this all process works.

How Affiliate Marketing Works

So let see how this whole process works and make sure that we are clear

Step 1: Register on Sellers website

The seller is a merchant or seller who has certain goods or services to sell. A seller could be a entrepreneur or a big business. All the business as one goal.. improve sail. Hence they are looking for people who can promote their product.

Now let’s say you want to promote a product from any travel company like AriBNB, MakemyTrip etc. What you need to do is to register on their site as Affiliate.

Step 2: Seller gives you a URL

Once you have registered on their website as affiliate and get approved, you get a link which you can not share with any one.

Step 3: Share that URL on your blog / Social Media platform

Share the link on your blog or any other platform you are using.

Step 4: The buyer clicks on your link and buys product

If your “sales pitch” is right, you ‘re going to click through your links and end up buying the products you want them to buy.

Now let us say that the buyer clicks on the link you have provided from makemytrip and books a hotel, it is a sale which is done through your affiliate id.

Step 5: You get the commission on the sale done

Once the sale is done using your affiliate id, you get the commission in your accouynt.

Ok, so now you know the practical scenario, you need to take decision. But let see step by step how to start.

How to start affiliate marketing

So how to start affiliate marketing ? There are multiple steps on that process. As a beginner in affiliate marketing you need to put some effort in every step. But believe me once you are experience, you will find all these just a child’s play.

Step 1: Decide what you want to promote

So before you want to do affiliate marketing, you need to decide on what product or services you would like to promote.

Generally you should take a product or service category for which you are enthusiastic about. Because only if you are enthusiastic about something only the you can market it. So first decide what you want to promote.

Then just deciding that is not good enough. You should also find out that there is affiliate programs available in it or not. For example if you are selling a message chair, there should be companies who should offer affiliate commissions in message chair. If not how you will sell it ??

So all said, you need to do some research and decide on a product or service. So let us move with an example. So let us say you want to promote some Packaged Juices. Let see what is you next step.

Step 2: Do the ground work on setting up the platforms where you will promote

First thing you should do is to Get a good domain name. It should be relevant to your product or service. For example package juice in this case. To search a domain you can use below link.

Next start a good blog around that. Click on link below on how to start a blog.

You can get Free 30 days word press hosting here = > click here

Third write some good articles around you product.

Step 3: Start building your network

Now share that product article every where you can. Face book, twitter any where. Send it on whats app. Let people know about that. Basically drive a traffic on your website. The more traffic, the better it is because people will come to know about the product you are promoting and may be buy it if it interests them.

Step 4: Join a affiliate program

Now, check what are the affiliate programs available in the product or service which you are planning to promote. For example packaged drink, you can promote from Amazon. for that you need to have signed up from amazon affiliate program. So you need to do some research and find out all the affiliate programs in your product category

Step 5: Promote the product.

Now you need to promote that product, So in the article which you have written. Promote this product. So when people are reading your article, they will also see this product or service and click on it and oi they like it they buy it on merchants website and you get the commission.

How much you can earn with Affiliate Marketing

Well sky is the limit. It all depends upon how good a sales person you are. But as I have mentioned before, it does not start from day 1, you need to have patience, learn the tips and tricks and with experience you can star making good money.

All you need to do is to never stop learning.

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners – How Affiliate Commission are paid

The three common methods that companies use to pay affiliate marketers are as follows

Pay Per Sale

That’s the most common affiliate payment form. You get paid to the business owner for driving more sales.

The customer arrives at the merchant website in a Pay per Sale system by clicking on one of the product links listed on your website. You are entitled to get a commission if the customer completes the order. Sometimes you get commission for all the items a customer purchases, regardless of whether or not you are promoting all of those products on your website.

Pay per click

This is one of the classic methods that merchants use to increase the traffic on websites. They pay you depending on the amount of redirected users the website gets.

When a user arrives at your website, you are convincing them to the extent that they end up visiting the website of the merchant. Traffic on the merchant’s website is increasing. And, you ‘re getting paid.

Pay per Lead

You get paid for the conversion of leads This specific framework is used by websites like magazines, blogs, and newspapers.

All these websites needs subscribers to their website. And, in the form of the users, you give them leads. Once a user has finished registering on the destination website, he has converted your lead. You ‘re getting paid.


Affiliate marketing is a method of making passive income and is seriously effective method of earning money. All you need to effort and patience. You can make money, literally, while sleeping. Already thousands of people are doing this and I am pretty sure you can do it as well.

Over the years the promotion of affiliates has grown into a billion dollar industry.And it is getting bigger still. I hope you liked this article Affiliate Marketing for Beginners – How to start affiliate marketing . If you have any question, do write back to me at Good luck friends!

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