30+ Profitable Small Business Ideas – Being independent is a good thing

Year 2020 has been a year of disruption. We all are going through tough times due to Coronavirus pandemic, but this is going to end. We need to keep patience. But this pandemic has taught us that we should be financially independent as much as possible. There are many small business which we can do to fulfill our goal of being financially independent and today I am going to talk about some Profitable Small Business Ideas to achieve this.

Why to start with Small Business

Not every one is from a business family or big business house, but small business does give an opportunity for people to become a entrepreneur. If you have a dream to have your own business, it is always better to start with some small business idea and then scale it up based on market potential and experience you gain.

Also another important aspect of a small business is that you can start with a very low investment and test waters. Once you are confident you can scale it up.

One more important point I see with starting a small business is that, we can multiple small business ideas and it will not pinch much as the investment is quite low.

How to start a small business ?

You really do not need to do a big company setup to start a small business. If you are selling some service or product, it is always better to have a GST, and if you are selling it online, it is always mandatory to have a GST. But from my perspective, it is always better to register your business. Better to start it as a proprietor and then once you are growing you can covert it to a pvt limited organization.

So starting a small business is pretty easy. You just need an small business idea to start with and you need a lot of confidence in yourself.

The recipe of success is to start with confidence.

So once you have decided to start something of your own, then the next step is to do some research like , what are your competitors, what is market potential, how much money you need to invest. can you do it from home or do you need a office space. Is there any funding needed.

Talk to people you trust. take all the advice and then deliberate upon the plan for some time and once you are confident, you can take a decision to start.

30+ Small Business business ideas which are practical in nature.

So if you are now convinced that you are really wanting to do something on your own and you are confident that you will do your homework well, let us look at some cool and practical business ideas which you can think of and deliberate further.

Blogging – #1

Blogging today is one of the most successful small business ideas. If you have passion in writing or are knowledgeable in an area which can be highly beneficial to people and you can to tell people about that, then blogging is one of the business ideas you can think of. A

All you need is a laptop and internet connection which most of us have in today’s world. The good thing is that you can earn money using blogging. There are people who are earning more than 2 to 3 lakhs a month by blogging. But how does blogging helps in earning money? Well it is by placing ads on your blog and this can be done by various ad placements like adsense, media.net and many other ad service providers. We have some good article around this, please read it through.

How to start Blogging – click here.

Go through some other links as well.

Start a DropShipping Business # 2

India has more than 500 million internet users, and is the world’s second largest online market, with projections that it is expected to cross 600 million by the end of next year. You can understand how big this market is and this is one of the exciting times if you are looking for a dropshipping business in India.

With more and more internet penetration due to cheap data being available on the mobile, people shopping online has greatly improved. Dropshipping business is one of the E-Commerce business types and this year you can try to make good money.

And the trend of mobile use is not going to slow down as more and more users arrive on the mobile phone and data being accessible on the internet is cheap, people are going to use the internet for shopping and logistics companies to make sure that the most remote places in India are delivered, this is definitely an area of growth.

We have a very good guide on how to start a drop shipping business in India. Please do read it through.

Web Development company #3 – Small business idea in IT

Now why I say web development? OK, as I have said before, opening a small business allows you to test waters and once you are comfortable enough you can scale it big. Web development is one area where you can start small, build a good customer base and then scale up. For creating a web based application today you do not need to do a huge investment. With available open source tools you can do a lot of things with no investment literally.

You can start on your alone. And as your business grows, you can hire more people. But for you to start first you need to learn and master it. We have a very good article which you can check it out. Click here.

After you have decided that you can start it off. There are tons of freelancing website from which you can generate business leads. Read our article on this – Best freelancing websites in India

This is one of the time tested small business idea.

Open a focused home based tution center #4

Today, there is a lot of competition and parents want their children not only to know and practice what they are learning at school, but to plan for the future too. Below are some examples you could think of

  • Home tution center with JEE Basic training (for children from class IX to X)
  • Home tution center with NEET foundation (for children between classes XI and X)
  • Home tution center with advance JEE / NEET (for XI and XII children)
  • Tution for children from V to VIII, with a focus on entrance coaching for the Sainik School
  • Tution for children from V to VIII, with focus on entrance coaching for Navodaya Vidyalaya.
  • Tution for class X & XII with focus on NDA

So this can be a unique idea and can be a game changer in your city.

And it is a low investment idea where you can start from your home. You just need a room and table / chairs.

Open a online tuition class #5

You know that websites like Vedantu or Extramarks and many other startups are quite popular today in online tution classes. Do you think that you have chances for success in this space? I would say yes.

What you need to set this up? Well you can start alone or with few people together. All you need is a website with details on the tution you can provide and then you can take tutions on platforms like skype for free.

Once you start getting good business, you can think of going for some web based paid tools like gotomeeting etc. There are a plenty which offers not only audio but video meeting options. So do check this option out.

Digital Marketing Business #6

T he scope of Digital Marketing has been increasing a lot during last few years and the reason being increase in internet penetration. No. Businesses with an online presence have increased several folds and this is why digital marketing jobs are growing.

Digital is marketing is the counterpart of regular online marketing. What I mean by that is, to meet potential customers and market their goods and services is to use the Internet , social media, search engines etc.

There are now lots of businesses, existing one and startups that are now advertising on digital channels, and they need people to manage these programmes. The digital marketing is therefore one of today’s most important online work. And the good part is there are plenty of jobs in this are. So open a digital marketing company and earn decent money. This is again a very good small business idea in IT field.

Open a online IT Training company #7 – small business idea in IT

You are a IT guy and are expert in some area, why not open your own IT training company online and start providing training to people.

There are a lot of people who are doing this.

Open a home based Tiffin Service #8

One of the best ideas for women on small business. The demand for meal delivery at home and in the workplace has been increasing consistently. Specifically in metros and cities with food student population, this business can work very well.

With low investment right from your kitchen, you can start your small business by cooking new, wholesome meals and delivering them to offices and homes.

Mobile phone repair center #9

In India the population with mobile handsets are increasing every day. With high end mobile being more affordable every passing day, people are now having a more high end mobile devices and mobile in range of 15K to 30K are sold more and more and if there is an issue with the mobile people happily pay 2 to 5 K to repair it, instead of getting a new one again aith 15K +.

So Mobile Phone repair is not going to go away. But make sure that you get your expertise in high end mobile phone repair.

Open a day care center #10

This is a small business that can start from home, or from small premises. Investment required to open a child care and babysitting service is very less. Just a few toys, crèches and mattresses are all you need to invest in. Add a couple of packets of disposable diapers, antiseptic lotions and also a first aid box and you are good to start. Advertise well in local newspapers, facebook etc and you will see the business picking up.

Nursery and Garden equipment #11

A great, low-investment small business idea. Many people now maintain small plants and shrubs at their apartments and offices. People are more aware about the environment and it also adds to the place’s beauty.

This business can be opened from your home. In addition, you can sell fertilizer packets, seeds and other garden needs. This business has a very good chance of scaling up.

Open your own pickle manufacturing #12

We all love pickle. Indians love pickles and in our country the variety of pickles are unbelievable. Though the base ingredient may be same, but the flavor differs from place to place. A pickle manufacturing can be a very nice small business which you can start from your home or any small premises.

Open a pet care center # 13

More and more people are adapting pets today. Many of us have pet at home. I have a nice dog at home and we all love our pets. But in big cities like Mumbai and Bangalore, the population having pets are a lot and this opens up a cool business opportunity.

If you can handle pets and have a small place, you can open a pet care center. People when travel, can leave their pets with you. It is a good business with very low investment.

Open a Bakery #15

Do you make that mouth watering cookie? Or are you an expert in baking some tasty bread?

This small business possesses enormous potential as consumers are always looking for new, better tastes at economic rates. Just that in preparing these baked delicacies you will need great skills.

Start a regional food store #16

Have you ever been to places like Delhi, Mumbai or Bangalore. You will find people from different parts of country there. For example in Bangalore I have seen that my friends from Maharashtra constantly look for a store where they can get some Maharashtrian snacks or people from Odissa constantly looks for a sweet shop selling Odiya cuisine. People from North East looking for a shop selling goods from North east of India.

The point I am trying to make is that this can be a very good small business idea that you sell something which has more regional flavor. India is a vast country and hence you will never have problems with getting customers.

Carpet cleaning service #17

You have heard of dry cleaning of sarees, coats etc. It is a good business and generally people know about it. Similarly Carpet cleaning is also a good business which you can start from home.

There are 5 to 6 different ways to clean carpet like hand washing , steam washing , vaccum cleaning to dry cleaning etc. You just need to hire one or 2 guys to start with and you can start with manual washing and then upgrade to other methods as your business grows.

The investment is low. But you also need to invest in advertisement. Advertise locally well.

Home cleaning service #18

Today in cities the migrant population is high due to job opportunities and lot of people shift houses on a daily basis. Generally exit cleaning is part of agreement today. But all these cleaning needs specialized skill. But this is one business which can be started with a very low investment.

Gardening services #19

Gardens-owned individuals and housing societies need people to attend to their gardens and lawns and other landscaping. They are always searching for companies that can perform the these tasks.

To enter this small business, which is also in demand round the year, you will need to invest in some gardening equipment and hire a manpower.

Walking tours #20 – Small business ideas for tourist towns.

Walking tours are a perfect low investment company for those who live in cities and towns with numerous tourist attractions. places like Jaipur, Udaipur, Varanasi, Kanchipuram, Madurai etc are a very good examples of such towns.

Foreigners and domestic tourists want to experience the city first-hand by walking the streets, mingling with locals, and enjoying the sights and sounds of the place.

You can open this business with almost no investment. You only need to have a knowledge of that area.

Soya based food items #21 small business idea

Soya , a great alternative to meat is also a popular vegetarian food in India. soya products such as soya milk, tofu (soya curds), soya flour, and soya chunks are in great demand always.

Soya products are relatively easy to produce, if you have the appropriate equipment.You can setup a small soya product manufacturing unit with a little investment.

Papad and Snacks unit #22 – A small business manufacturing unit

We love snacks. Pappad, chips etc are one of our favorites food. Do you know that manufacturing these are not that complex a process and needs very less investment. All you need is to find a market. Lot of these big companies actually manufacture it at a large scale and earn profit many time.

Refurbished Mobile and Laptop business #23

Do you know how big this business is? I was reading some report which said this market can become as big as $20 Billion. So it is a huge business opportunity with a low investment. All you need is a small space to start with and some skilled people in the area of computer and mobile repair.

Manpower supply #24

Every company almost daily requires more manpower. It is especially true of restaurants where turnover rates are very high for employees. All offices need office boys, gaurds and workers for facilities department.

The business is not well organized and workers generally quite on short notice or actually stop coming which puts pressure on the business owner.

Houses as well regularly need manpower to clean the house.

You can help all these companies to solve their manpower problems with some creativity and low investment, and earn a handsome income almost daily.

Audio and Video Digitization #25

If you have attended any marriage or any other function 15 to 20 years back, you would have seen the recording being done on tape. Millions of people in India still possess audio and video tapes of their favorite events like birthday, marriage etc on the tape. Audio and video cassette players are no more used and needs to be digitized.

This kind of business do not need much investment and you will only need to invest in equipment that lets you copy these audio and video to the latest formats.

Advertise your local business on goggle and facebook for more business.

Corporate Gifting # 26 – A good small business for metros

India possesses a rich corporate gifting culture. It continues all year round. Corporate gifts include pens, wallets, mugs and a large variety of items offered to workers and business associates.

These items are usually printed with the company name and logo. You too can open this business with low investment . To display to customers you’ll need a wide range of products and their samples. So this will need a bit hard work but can become a very good business model. You can also take this small business idea online and generate more leads. Have a look at VsitaPrint.

Home made chocolates #27 A nice home based small business idea

You can enter into this highly profitable, small business idea with some chocolate making skills and little investment. Today every big pastry shop and gift shop sells homemade chocolates.

They are in high demand as their taste differs greatly from the chocolates which are commonly produced by bug companies and are available in market.

Several companies also give them as gift and hence it can be a good thing for corporate gifting. During festive and wedding seasons such chocolates are in great demand too.

Name & Number plate business – Small business idea #28

People will not stop buying cars, bikes, houses etc and in general the requirement for such name and number plates are there year round.

People prefer name plates with an artistic design or simple ones. Making these naming plates is a small business with low investment which anyone can easily start.

Readymade Idli Dosa Batter – One of the best small business # 29

Idli and Dosa is a staple diet in south of India, but today this dish has gained popularity all over India. People just love these 2 dishes. Low on oil, these dishes make a very good breakfast. However, not every one and specifically in north India, people do not know how to make a perfect Idli/Dosa batter.

You can start this business from home. You just need to invest in some machines which will make this batter and invest in packaging. The most important thing in this business is to market your product and you need to work hard.

Skin and Beauty Treatment – A good small business #30

It is a very good business idea for both men and women. We all know about beauty saloons. This is a bit more focussed.

Mushroom Farming # 31 – A good small business idea for farmers

Mushrooms are considered a delicacy. We all order Mashroom dishes when we go to resturants. We like them a lot. Maushrooms fetch good market prices. The food is untritiuos as well.

This is a great small business idea with a low investment.Goverment also supports in this. Mushroom spores from state-run cooperatives and agricultural stores are readily available

To get the right crop you’ll need to set up a green-house with regulated temperature which will need some investments. But mushrooms customers are easy to find. If you have some land it can be a very lucrative small business.

So friends , I hope you liked all these small business ideas. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and start a new business today. Good luck for your new venture!

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