Pradhan mantri garib kalyan yojana

Pradhan mantri garib kalyan yojana or PM Garib kalyan yojana is one of the government schemes which provides benefits to poor and needy. Let us know more about this scheme and if you are looking for an essay on this topic, this will help.

So what is PM Garib Kalyan Yojana?

In India, there is a large number of people working in unorganized sector. They are mostly in the lower-income level and need to struggle for meeting even square meals.

Their source of income is not fixed. Every day is a fight to find a new job. The government of India has been considerate towards this segment and came up with many new schemes.

The latest and successful scheme is PM Garib Kalyan Yojana.

About Pradhan mantri garib kalyan yojana

PM Garib Kalyan Yojana had been launched in the year 2016. The inauguration was done by the Prime Minister of India Mr. Narender Modi himself.

He also announced many provisions in the Taxation Laws Act, 2016. It became effective from 17th December 2016 from the Ministry of Finance. Soon after the onset of the Coronavirus Pandemic Prime Minister Narender Modi has increased the effectiveness of this scheme.

He announced an infusion of Rupees 1.70 Lakh Crores under this same scheme. He realized that in these tough times it is very difficult for the low-income daily wagers to find work.

Due to social distancing norms and lockdown, they were severely affected and could not earn even a penny at a stretch for days. Their mere survival was at stake.

So, he stepped forward and announced schemes beneficial for them.

The salient features of Pradhan mantri garib kalyan yojana :

  • In the month of June 2020, the PM Garib Kalyan Yojana was extended till November 2020. He had also said that in the months of September, October, and November a total of rupees 31000 crores shall be deposited in the accounts of around 20 crore poor families all together by the means of banks.
  • The scheme, PM Garib Kalyan Yojan also provides free food grains to around 80 crore poor people till the month of November so that they can at least have two square meals and will not have to beg. This includes 5 kg of wheat or rice and 1 kg of pulses per family.
  • The extension from June to November may costed around rupees 90,000 crores to the government.
  • The losses incurred due to Covid 19 the Finance Minister have added rupees 1.70 lakh crores to the fund so as to ease out the condition of the poor due to job loss. Though the nation is set to have a loss of around ( lakh crore in the economy due to the pandemic situation.

Additional benefits being given under the Pradhan mantri garib kalyan yojana especially after the outbreak of Coronavirus are as follows:

  1. An insurance cover of rupees 50 lakhs is being given to the health workers who are working dedicatedly to improve the situation in the affected areas of COVID 19. They are being given insurance as a sign of respect for their selfless work and dedication towards society. This shall include giving benefits to the worker like safai karamchari, ASHA workers, paramedics, technicians, doctors, nurses, and all the people who are working in the related fields. The workers of government health centers, hospitals, and wellness centers all shall be insured under this scheme. If there is some sort of accident and there is a loss of life then a sum of rupees 50 lakhs will be given to the family members. Under this, around 22 lakh workers will be insured so that they do not have any fear in rendering their services during the corona pandemic.
  2. The PM Garib Kalyan yojana has a subset of Anna Yojana under which free food grains are being distributed to the poor. 5 kg of rice or wheat and 1 kg of pulses were given to them per family free of cost till the end of November 2020. This is double the amount of food they are given generally. This is being done to ensure that they do not suffer from malnutrition and get enough protein and food to survive healthily through these pandemic times.
  3. As many as 20 crore women Jan Dhan account holders were promised to be given rupees 500 for three months.
  4. The MNREGA scheme has been revised and the minimum wages have been raised to rupees 202 per day so that around 13.62 crore families can be benefited from this scheme.
  5. The state governments have been further instructed to use the construction and building funds to help the workers that were involved in the work for them.
  6. An amount of rupees 2000 was paid to the farmers in the first week of April so that they were not badly affected due to the lockdown. Around 8.7 crore farmers have been benefitted under the associated scheme of PM Kisan Yojana.
  7. Smt Nirmala Sitharaman the Finance minister of India had also announced free cylinder to the BPL families for the period of the next three months beginning from march lockdown. So that after being given free food they shall be able to cook it as well. The people registered under the Ujjwala scheme have benefited from this provision of the government of India.
  8. In the organized sector also the low-income workers have been kept in mind. Those with income under rupees 15000 per month working in firms with less than 100 workers have been helped. These workers who are at risk of losing their jobs have been promised a 24% deposit of their salary in their PF account for three months so that they are not forced to leave the job.


The government of India is making all the possible efforts to ease out the financial losses of the low-income worker.

They want all the people of the nation should be able to survive these tough times till the situation normalizes and everyone gets a decent job. The low-income workers and daily wagers are the most affected due to the lockdown.

They are also the main chunk of migrant workers who have been forced to go back to their native homes. The loss of job and increased fear of illness due to the coronavirus is taxing.

The Pradhan mantri garib kalyan yojana is there to help them live with dignity. They shall not be spreading their hands to beg and indeed receive the food they need to stay fit.

All these schemes are successful only if there is no misuse and the real affected people get the said money and food.

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