Why internship is important

Isn’t it nice that when you graduate out of college, you already have some experience about the industry or technology area you are going to work in. This is where Internship comes in. Let’s look at this important topic today, Why internship is important?

Today there many good colleges placement cells also support students in getting internships when they are in their pre-final or final year of the course. Why these colleges do this. The simple reason is that benefit it offers to the students in their career in future.

Why should you Intern?

Provides real life experience

What you learn is best understood when you experience it. Hence internship plays an important role in gaining this experience. You get to work in real companies and live projects. For example as part of your 3rd year in college you have learned web development. In your internship you will be able to implement what you have learnt on a live project and also learn more

Learn more

Internship also offers an opportunity to learn and understand your own strength and weakness. For example you may learn that you may need to improve more on your communication skills or any specific technology area. You may come to know that what you have learnt , there is a better tool available which you should learn as well so that you are ready when you are out of college.

Networking – making new friends

This is the most interesting aspect of internship. You are able to meet new people, make new friends. The network you create will be helpful in future.

Learning how corporate world operates

You know more about how the corporate world works and gain confidence about the challenges which you may face in future.

Get hired full time

Many a times companies once they like a candidate, they offer full time position. So it becomes a easy transition into the job. This is one of the major advantage of internship.

How to find internship jobs

Here are some ways you can find good internship opportunities.

Check with your college placement cell

If you are in a good technical college then this becomes quite easy. Generally all the colleges offering an engineering / technical / management degree have placement cells and if you are pursuing such degrees you can check with the placement cell for the support they provide.

Register on websites listing internship jobs

There are many which has the listing of internship jobs. Websites like

Such websites have both paid and unpaid opprtunites

Register on LinnkedIn

This is something you must do. Register on LinkedIn, build a profile and then apply for internship opportunities available. LinkedIn is a professional networking site and a good profile on this is going to be a long way.

Apply on Job portals having internship jobs.

Simply do google or try sites like indeed.com or other job portals which offer such jobs.

What you should look for in an internship job

  • The job should be aligned with your interest
  • The job should help you gain more understanding of the area you are trying to learn
  • Paid job is good, but do no just go for paid internship, look at the job content
  • Your internship job should be something which you should be able to put on your resume and linked profile
  • Make sure that there is a certificate provided at the end of intership

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So friends all the best. If you need any help please do write to me at skumar@indiacareeradvice.com

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