10 Best work from home jobs – Best remote jobs for 2020 – Practical Advice

Time in changing. People today are more moving towards opportunities which gets them a chance to work from home jobs and earn decent money. Today when we are living in a tough time, at the time of writing this post, we are in April 2020 and the whole world is going through a difficult time due to coronavirus outbreak and hence people are more confined at home. Businesses are shrinking and people are looking for opportunities where they can earn decent money by work from home options. Hence online jobs today are one of the most sought after career options.

So if you are looking for online job which lets you work from home, you have come to right place. I am not only going to tell you what is needed, but also the skills. So you can decide yourself which area you should be in.

Why should you look for an online job?

We are living in a great digital era today. Data has become cheap, Internet speed has increased, video conferencing is very easy, People talk over internet.

Every things in getting online. For the reason which I mentioned in above paragraph is one of the reasons of today that it has become so much relevant, but online jobs requirements have been growing during the last couple of years. And today it has reached to a position that more than fifty percent of today’s job delivery are via online jobs. People are working from home and are earning decent money.

The advantages you get is

  • Flexible working hours
  • Job variety
  • From no skills to complex skills jobs available
  • Working on move
  • Work on your own terms
  • Convert your passion into a business

Now there are many people who are recommending on ways to earn a decent money doing some online work, but remember it is never easy money. Money is never easy. You need to work hard to even earn a single rupee. Some jobs need specialized skill and some don’t. But avenues are many for revenue 🙂 Online Jobs which need a special skill will pay you more and the one where no specialized skills are needed ex data entry, the money is less. Nevertheless today l will take you through this journey of how to get work from home jobs and earn decent money by doing a online job. And remember these options are full time options. So if you want to make money online as you do in a regular full time job, you need to treat your online job as full time job as well. You can may be start part time , but if you want to scale up, full time is only option. You have to sweat it out. No pain, No gain!

So I am not going to talk about Data Entry Jobs, Online Surveys, Captcha, Ad Palcement, Coupons etc. These are not a very specialized jobs. Today I am going to talk about remote jobs. Jobs which are like regular jobs which people can work from home / online earn a decent salary. So let us look at these top remote jobs.

Remember, these jobs need some skills to be in.

Look for remote jobs in IT – Best work from home Jobs #1

Skill Level Needed: High ( people applying for this kind of jobs are expected to be skilled and trained in the area in which they are applying for the job)

Do you have any specialized skill? Like you are a software programmer, or a full stack developer or any specialized skills like you are a animator, an skilled consultant, content creator, or an expert in software sales etc. Do you know that there are lot of companies in the world which offer remote jobs if you are qualified or skilled in the area in which they are looking for.

If you skills in latest areas like AI, ML, NLP, Data Analytics, BlockChain, Crypto etc there are a lots of opportunity to look for. Even in senior roles like project management and software architecture, remote jobs are available.

TopTal & FlexJobs – My top 2 picks for remote jobs

Have you heard of websites like TopTal or FkexJobs. And there are many more. I will give you the list of websites. TopTal and FelxJobs are good ones. They have premium jobs and hence the pay scale is very good.

Remember, i am not talking about freelancing jobs here. I am talking about full time job opportunities.

How these companies work?

  1. You register yourselves on these websites
  2. Create your profile.
  3. Browse through the jobs, which list down what skills are needed and what qualifications are needed.
  4. Apply for those jobs
  5. Give the interview and get selected
  6. Start working

So it is like a regular job. But it is online and work from home option and has a very very decent money. Infact you can earn a lot. This is one of the best online jobs. I have seen people earning quite well.

Look at the below screen shot from FlexJobs. What do you find? Top companers, hiring people to work remotely!

Apply for remote jobs (full time / partime) -  Best Online Job #1

Or look at below from TopTal – they say that they have top 3% talent. And look at companies they have onbaord …

Remote jobs (full time / partime) -  Best Online Job #1

So what is the trick to land up a job on such websites?

Create your portfolio well – Remember you need to write your whole work history, skills and education well, so that the recruiter knows well before you go in for interview. Portfolio is not your resume that you need to restrict to only 2 pages or 3 pages. It is all about you. Everything about you. So write as much as you can. Give each and every possible details about the value you can add to a job.

Take the skill tests on the website – though this costs money a little bit, it is worth it. It is important way to show cause your skills. So do not hesitate to take skills tests.

If possible provide references to people and projects – this shows your confidence. So do that.

Other remote jobs websites

Above 2 are my top 2 picks, but there are many other which I am listing down here

Apply for Medical Transcriptionist jobs – Best online jobs from home #2

The first job we talked about was in IT but MT or Medical Transcriptionist is also one of the skilled jobs which pays well and you can work remotely.

Skill Level Needed: High ( people applying for this kind of jobs are expected to be skilled and trained in the area of medical transcription and need to have some degree / certificate in medical field.)

What is medical Transcription?

Medical transcription is about listening to voice recordings that physicians and other healthcare workers record. Then convert these into written documents. As a senior medical transcriptionist, job also includes

  • review and edit of medical documents created using speech recognition technology
  • Manage other junior level medical transcriptionist .

Medical Transcription remote jobs in India

There are plenty of remote jobs in this field. The companies generally ask all its work from home jobs employees for initial training and certification. And you might have to pay for it. It depends how well established that company is. Once your training is complete then you can work from home.

MT can be a high paying job. If you are good in english and understand medical terminology, learning MT is not difficult at all. And once you are certified, jobs come by. There are regular day jobs available as well, but also there are plenty of remote jobs in this area,

A experienced MT is paid quite well. But what I have noticed that these jobs are not that well advertised and hence you need to take some pain of talking to these guys and finding out what jobs they have.

Also a good read on – Skills needed for being a MT

But this is good work from home jobs. It needs a good internet connection and needed software all of which you are told and trained about in MT certification training. Also go through some of below resources to help you plan this remote job better!

Check out below website – acusisindia.com. One of the best in MT remote jobs


Check this out as well : http://www.medicaltranscriptiontraining.in/mt-jobs.html

Digital Marketing Expert – Best online jobs from home #3

This is no. 3 on my list of best work from home jobs i.e remote jobs. The scope of Digital Marketing has increased a lot in last few years and the reason being increase in internet penetration. No. of companies having an online presence has increased many fold and this is the reason why there is a increase in digital marketing jobs.

Skill Level Needed: High ( people applying for this kind of jobs are expected to be skilled and trained in the area of Digital Marketing and need to have some degree / certificate in medical field.)

What is digital marketing

Digital is marketing is the counterpart of regular marketing in the online world. What I mean by that is, it is the use of Internet, Social Media, Search Engines etc to reach potential customer and advertise their product and services.

Now there are lot’s of companies, established one and startups who are now advertising on digital platforms and they need people managing these programs. Hence Digital Marketing is one of the most relevant online jobs of today. And the good part is there are many remote jobs which are available in this area where you can work from home and earn decent money.

Look at below screen shot from indeed. There are many digital marketing jobs available. All you need is an internet connection and a laptop and you are good to go!

digital marketing remote jobs - work from home jobs

What you need to get a remote job in digital marketing

So to be in field of digital marketing, you need to be trained in this area. A degree or certificate in the field of Digital Marketing will be good. Now digital marketing is a growing field, with opportunity increasing day by day and hence there are a lot of institutes providing courses in the area of digital marketing and you need to be very clear on from where you would like to do the course. Also remember the best way of learning digital marketing is self learning.

One way to increase you profile visibility is

  • Create a website of your own
  • Promote it using many digital marketing techniques and in the process learn everything about digital marketing.
  • Use this website as a way to show your talent to the world

Since you are looking for a online job from home, this is the best way to tell to the world what you have achieved. So you probably not only create a website, but also crate a facebook page, instagram page etc, to show your skills to the world.

If you are a skilled person in Digital Marketing, do not hesitate to tell the world about it. Check out below courses if you want to be in digital marketing space






Become a Business Development Manager- Best work from home jobs #4

This is no, 4 on my list. With the increase of many companies, focussing solely on online work opportunities, the requirements of business development managers have increased. And with lot of these companies being small companies and startups, the need to remote jobs are increasing as well. So what is a business development manager.

Who is a business development manager?

As the name suggests, the business development manager is responsible for business development side of any company. And this includes everything that is from the sales lead generation to followup to closing the deal. So it is a very good job profile and a great responsibility. It need a great deal of expertise in customer relationship management.

What is needed to get a business development manager remote jobs

A good business development manager should have

  • A good communication and interpersonal skills
  • A good Negotiation Skills
  • A good presentation skills
  • Able to work in team and collaborate
  • Has project management skills
  • Has not only basic computer skills but is also good in creating good presentations
  • Has ability to generate leads and take it to closure

If you have experience in this area, it is better as companies look for some one who has an expertise in this field. And also knowledgeable in the area you are applying for. If a person is from IT background he or she may not be fit as a business development manager for a let’s say Tyre Manufacturing company and vice versa.

So if you are having a Business Development Manager job in an antivirus product company, you are expected to know about software and antivirus etc.

A business development manager is expected to have a graduate or post graduate degree in sales , marketing, operations or general management.

Now coming to remote jobs in business development management.. why companies are looking for remote jobs in this area.

Why companies are opening remote jobs in business development

It is very simple. A company is lets say based out of Europe and is hoping to sell its product in Asia. They are a small company and only need people to take care of the business development in this new region. They do not want to invest in office space and other infrastructure costs. Remote Jobs are best bet. Ins’t it.

Not only that many companies and startups in India are hiring business development executives to work from home and the salary is also pretty decent.

Look at this screen shot (below) from glassdoor .. it is a very popular websites on jobs. Below is the listing for a work from home job.

Business Development Manager remote jobs - work from home jobs

So friends there any many jobs in this space. This is a good area to be in if you are looking for a work from home option and earn decent money.

Join a reputed platform for online tutoring – Best Online home based jobs for 2020 – #5

Whatever I say for this opportunity is less. In the last 2 years if you see online tutoring has boomed like anything. I mean the reach internet and related technologies offer is amazing. It makes the education and training so affordable to any one in each and every corner of the country and what you need is just an internet connection.

But this also opens up and opportunity for people to earn good money. There are online platforms which offer upwards of Rs 50K per month as fixed salary and you can do this job remotest place on this earth. What you need – the skill and internet connection.

Online tutor jobs are one of the best remote jobs available today in country. You can also add value to many other lives by sharing your knowledge and also in process learn. So share your knowledge and also learn more in the process .

How to get a remote job in online tutoring

Now coming to remote jobs in via online tutoring. Most of us should have heard platforms like Vedantu. If you see these kind of platforms opens up immense opportunities. Lot of people are doing this job as part time on this platform earning 200 to 500 rupees per hour.

Many of us probably know this. But what many of us do not know is that these options also allows you to work full time with them and work from home. This is just wonderful. And there are many good teachers and trainers who are making more than 1L / month just by working from home.

L We have a very nice and informative article on online tutoring. Look at this : Online Tutor Jobs – Earn up to Rs 50000 per month

What is needed to be an online tutor

Now, this is definitely something which you can not do just like that. You should be

  • Expert in area. For example if you want to teach science you should be qualified teacher in science
  • You should have passion for teaching
  • You should be comfortable in using IT and Digital medium to talk to your students and collaborate with others.

Join as Customer Support Executive- Best Online home based jobs for 2020 – #6

Well why is this on list? You know that 5 to 10 years back call centers jobs were in very high demand and they still are. Jobs are still there, but the time has changed, technology has improved and options for mode of job delivery has also increased.

Customer support as remote job

Today when you want to connect to a customer support executive in many e-commerce companies, there is a huge possibility that you are talking to some one who is working from home. With technology becoming cheap, this kind of jobs are becoming remote as well. There was a time when you need to be in front of desktop and phone to do this job.

Today laptops are cheap and handy. And the software is integrated with calling technology. So basically if you have a good laptop and internet connection you can do this job at home. And hence there is an increasing need of work from home jobs with possibility to earn a decent money being a customer support executive.

Look at below remote customer service jobs from Naukri.com today. What do you see?

Customer service remote jobs - work from home jobs

Salaries depend upon experience. Since these jobs are also available for freshers the initial salaries you see are a bit less. But as you grow in experience you will see that the salaries offered are very good.

Another important point. The key consideration for such jobs are a “good communication skills” and a interest of “Customer Service“. You don’t need a formal technical or management degree for this job and hence if you have above 2 skills you can be a very good customer support executive.

Become a Tax Consultant Online- Best Online home based jobs for 2020 – #7

Skill Level Needed: High ( people applying for this kind of jobs are expected to be skilled and trained in the area in which they are applying for the job)

Why to be a tax consultant online

There was time when to file tax you needed to go to a CA office or call your CA to your home. Well time has changed today. Have you heard of companies like cleartax.in . What do they do. They file your taxes.

And how they do it? They do it online. Do they have all the tax consultants sitting at their office and doing this work? No, majority of them work from home.

With advent of technology and startups coming into this space all these jobs can be done from home.

Look at one of the job advertisement below. These are work from opportunities and these opportunities are available not only for experienced professionals but also for freshers. This is a wonderful opportunity today which is offered by lot of startups in this space.

work from home jobs

What is needed to be a tax consultant online

Well you need to be a certified tax consultant or a CA. As a fresher also you can start but you need to be some one who is trained in this area. So either you have a degree in this area or you are a CA or you have to appear for Certified Public Accountant course provided by CPA Council.

You can probably look at below companies and apply

  • Cleartax (cleartax.in)
  • hrblock (hrblock.com)
  • myitreturn.com
  • taxslayer ( taxslayer.com)
  • taxsmile (taxsmile.com)
  • taxspanner (taxspanner.com)

So there are many and you will find many work from home opportunities with in your city as well. Above list are of online startups which you can try.

Take up a Legal Advisor remote job – remote jobs #8

Yes, this is one of the jobs which has become so popular as one of the best work from home jobs. These kind of jobs have increased during last 3 to 4 years due to many startups in this space.

What is a legal advisor remote job?

Have you heard of a company called as vakilsearch. What do they do? They are legal advisors for many other companies, big or small. They help you with opening a new company, taking care of ROC filings and many other legal needs of any business.

And it is not just vakilsearch, there are many companies which are completely online. You dont need to visit their office. All the work is online

Or companies like homeshikari.com. Such companies deal in complete property related matters and they hire legal advisors in this area.

Or companies like https://www.kaanoon.com/ .. They provide legal advice in all the areas.

legal advice online - work from home jobs

All these companies need legal advisors and they are looking for people who can work with them from across India. These companies serve every corner of the country and hence need people to join them from different cities and can work from home.

So ll these legal advisors work from home. And not only these known online statrtups but also many other companies who have remote jobs in the area of legal.

So below I list down all the websites which you can think of and also search for many more.

Now this is also a job which needs you to be skilled and there are many qualifications needed. If you are a expert in corporate related matters you should have training in corporate law. If you can provide legal advice in personal related matters then personal law. Similarly legal advice in tax related matters, you should be trained in the area.

Have a look at below websites.


Become a Virtual Assistant – Best online jobs from home #9

As I have mentioned above, in today time due to technological advances many jobs which were only possible in person, has become a great candidate of remote jobs. One such job is of a virtual assistant.

Businesses today outsource tasks to these virtual assistants to get the work done more fast and better. So let us look at what is a virtual assistant?

Who is a virtual assistant?

So first question comes in mind is that, what kid of tasks a virtual assistant can do. Today there are lots of tasks a company needs to be do but they do not have a full time office or a full time employee for this purpose. They instead outsource their tasks to visual assistance. A typical task list of a visual assistant can be

  • Emails of clients and customers
  • Telephonic inquiries and follow ups
  • Booking appointments/tickets.
  • Client follow-up and any other follow up with any department
  • Calendar management.
  • Database and file management.
  • Word document / letter writing
  • power point presentation
  • taking care of social media account
  • setting up meeting invite

How to find a virtual assistant job

There are many platforms which can help you find a virtual assistant job. Some example being

Become an online IT trainer – Best online job #10

The list of work from home jobs cannot be complete with out this particular job option. IT training has always been in demand for last 15 to 20 years. But a true online training in this space has become quite popular in last 3 to 4 years.

Skill Level Needed: High ( people applying for this kind of jobs are expected to be skilled and trained in the area in area in which they are willing to provide training)

In last few years there are many companies which has come up and pioneered the concept of online IT training. I will provide some links below.

But online IT training today is a huge market today and hence the opportunity to earn money using these platforms are also huge. But remember this is a highly skilled area. You need to be technically good in the area you wish to provide the training.

There are some evergreen areas like

  • Microsoft technologies
  • JAVA
  • Data base management
  • Testing
  • Project Management
  • PHP etc

which are always in demand, but then new areas like

  • Data Analytics
  • Machine Learning
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Internet Of Things
  • Cloud computing
  • Block Chain etc

Are quite a high paying jobs.

So what are you looking for. If you are an expert in this area, you can always think of making IT training as your full time job opportunity.

Look at some the below links and you can apply there



So guys we are living in a wonderful time where the technology has enabled some wonderful opportunities to work from home. Please do check out my above online job options and you can definitely earn some decent money. Good luck guys for your work from home jobs search!. Incase you have any questions you can write back to me at skumar@indiacareeradvice.com

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