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You already know that amazon is a wonderful e-commerce platform. It offers products from almost all categories and is based in almost all parts of the world. But do you also know that there are many services you can provide on Amazon and that is a very good work from home opportunity which you can think of. Today let is explore some Amazon Jobs from home options.

Explain more on this Amazon Jobs from home opportunity

I am sure that you would have done some shopping on Amazon. These products are sold by various sellers across the country. If you are a seller on amazon then you probably know about this that once you have a seller account then you need to do lot of activities on your account before you start selling. That is from setting up your account to listing your product and then proper advertising of the product so that you are able to sell it. Now this opens up the opportunity for you which we are talking about in this “Amazon Jobs from Home” article. You work from home for all these services.

Many of these sellers in Amazon are either offline sellers for a long time or are new to selling. So they need step by step guidance or help in setting up their account and promoting their business on internet.

So friends let us see what are these services which you can provide from home and take this opportunity further. And my advice to all my friends is to take these opportunity seriously as this can be a good option for some one who doesn’t want to be dependent on just on job.

So what are these amazon Jobs from home opportunity

Let me list these down one by one. Check in which area you have the expertise so that you can provide an appropriate services on the amazon platform. What you can also do is that you and check with some of you friends who are interested and form a company which can start providing these services on amazon. Or you can do it yourselves as well. So good luck. Let us look at some of these opportunities.

Provide Imaging Service

Images are an important part of any online business. A good image tells a lot about the product and helps in getting and generating customer interest. There are many image related service you can do from home like.

  • Image editing
  • Product Photo Shoot
  • Model Photo Shoot (both male / female)
  • Photography at seller location etc

There is no fixed charge on how much you can take for each image service. You can define yourself .

Do cataloging for Sellers

Catalogue are one of the most important aspect of the product. A detailed product description is very important. A good product listing and a well defined category helps in a lot in the product getting visibility on the platform.

There are many sellers who have very good product but do not have a well defined catalogue and this is where you can fill the vacuum by providing this service.

You can help them with basic cataloging or advanced cataloging

Do Account Management for Sellers

Many sellers need hands-on support for their day-to-day Seller Central operations and insights that can help them grow their business on Amazon . This is where Account Management service providers pitch in. They can help with

  • Complete Account Management
  • Performance Management
  • FBA Upgrade
  • Performance Management
  • Brand Protection
  • Easy Ship
  • SEO targeting on Amazon etc

Provide Advertising Optimization Service

You know that sellers can boost their product on Amazon platform by sponsored listing. You can help them with

  • Sponsored products
  • Sponsored Brands
  • Brand store creation and Management etc

So these services can help sellers improve their brand value on amazon and this is a very important part of any seller operations

Help in Domestic Shipping & Storage services

BA sellers need to send their products from their location to a fulfillment center. This is where these service providers help. Service providers can

  • schedule an appointment,
  • pick up the products,
  • deliver them to the fulfillment center .

So if you have knowledge in the area of logistics management, you can help sellers in this area.

If you have place to store goods, you can even provide the storage services

Provide training services

Amazon has lots of training programs for its sellers. What you can do is to become an amazon certified trainer. So that you can work with their training programs. These training programs are a good help to grow business over amazon platform. So this is a very good opportunity for you to work from home as amazon certified trainer

You can do Seller Reinstatement

What is a seller reinstatement service? This service is about getting a suspended account. As a seller reinstatement you need to analyze the account and understand why the account is suspended and then you can help them with getting them reinstated .

Amazon jobs from home

Do Accounting for sellers

Accounting services help seller with things like

  • reconciling Amazon payments at the order level,
  • providing product profitability analysis,
  • integrating accounting systems such as QuickBooks with Amazon Seller Central.

So You can provide services like

  • Integrated accounting
  • payment reconciliation

Help with Branding

You will sellers with their branding needs. You can work for Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) / A+ Cataloging . This will help sellers add rich product descriptions and features that can lead to better conversions, including multiple images, banner images, and descriptions of up to 1,200 words.

  • You can help in writing good content
  • EBC product videos creation

Help with Taxes

As a TAX Service provider you can help seller with tax registration and filing of monthly, quarterly, and annual taxes based on sales and return on Amazon ex GST filing.

Help with Product Compliance

Sellers list their products, but before sellers list their products, they must ensure that they meet the rules, regulations, and laws of the country specific marketplace. Compliance services provide testing, certification, inspection, audits, labeling, and quality assurance for Amazon marketplaces around the world. You can help with

  • Certification
  • Product Testing
  • Audits & Inspection

Provide Translation Services

When you list your products in an Amazon marketplace you need to write description and this should be in language which is understandable by local population. If in another country or region, the listings must be in the language of that country/region . As an External translation providers you can help sellers with these requirements.

Become a customer support executive

You can apply for customer care jobs. These are also job options where you can work from home.

So friends there are opportunities every where. You need to look around and prepare yourself for that. Similarly amazon also offers a good opportunity like this. Hope you liked Amazon Jobs from home . A good job option to work from home. In case you have any questions, do write back to me at or post your comments in comment bx below.

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    Respected Sir, I am a taxation expert and I want to sell my service on amazon but I didn’t know how to register there as a service provider please guide me

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