10 Best Free Blogging Websites – Start a blog for free in 2020

You have been wanting to do this for quite some time, but have not started it yet. Well today I bring to you top 10 free blogging sites where you can start your blog for free. So what are you waiting for. Start your blog with out an investment. At Least you can try, there is no risk involved.

Why should you blog?

I am pretty sure that you know what blogging is and that is why you are here. And you are troubled by where to start and how to start etc. Well you are at right place. We have some good articles on blogging. You can check below links in case you wish to. But also you should as yourself that you want to blog, but why?

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Ok, so the first question you should ask yourself is why you want to blog and there can be various reason. you may want to

  • Just practice writing
  • Create a online presence
  • Establish / Promote your own brand
  • Sell / promote your own product and service

Now if you want to create your own blog a domain name and website hosting is good enough. And you have to invest some money to get a domain name and hosting, but lest say you are a student or a early life professional, or a housewife or may be you just do not want to spend any money on doamin and hosting, well you can still host your own blog and I am going to tell you how?

Remember you can do blogging part time to start with but once you start getting some good traffic you can plan to make it a full time job so this can be a full time career as well.

Top 10 Free Blogging Sites

So below is the list of out free blogging sites recommendation which you can use to start your blogging journey. If you like it you can continue, else you can roll back yourself any time. Absolutely no cost involved.


Blogger ( https://www.blogger.com/ ) is one of the oldest blogging platform in internet today. It is a google product and hence the quality and stability of the product is something which is never compromised. It is a very simple to use platform.

the blogging platform from blogger

As it is one of products from google, if you have a google account you can instantly start using blogger and can create your own blog. Cool part of working on blogger is that all technical things about the blogging platform is taken care by google support.

Also you can easily integrate it with other google products like google photos and google drive etc. So it becomes one of the very good option.

The limitations this platform offers is that there are basic templates which you cannot customize much and there are not much plugins available.

Nevertheless it is one of the best platforms for personal and hobby blogging.


WordPress ( https://wordpress.com/ ) is probably the most popular and powerful blogging platform on earth. The best thing about wordpress is that you have 2 options. Once is self hosted and other is hosting on wordpress.com.

If you are doing self hosting, you need to buy any hosting service from hosting service providers like bigrock.in, znetlive.com etc and then go to their cpanel and install wordpress and then you manage everything on your own. So you have to invest in Domain and Hosting. But we are not talking about that here. We are talking about the free blogging platform.

wordpress blogging

So for that you need to go to wordpress.com and there choose the free plan and start blogging. Let say you want to open a blog with name – bestofmorningsounds then your blog address will be bestofmorningsounds.wordpress.com

WordPress offers a huge set of plugins which you can use to make your blog very powerful. Also there is a huge collection of themes which you can use.

So do try this option.


Medium ( https://medium.com/ )is another wonderful blogging platform where you can write articles for free. The blog is more of a theme based and has a huge user base. You can write on any topic which is of interest to you and it serves those articles to its user base based on the interest they have defined over the site.

medium blogging platform

But there are some limitations as well. It does not give you full control. But it has a very easy and user friendly design, that is it is easy to use. The platform ranks very high and considering this, it can be a very good blogging platform for professionals.

Specially if you plan to blog on technology this is surely something to consider.


Tumblr ( https://www.tumblr.com/ ) If you are of microblogging type, this website must be on your list to start blogging. It is a micro-blogging website. You can start blogging with anything be it photos, quotes etc..


It is a platform as simple as facebook , twitter to use and it has a good number of themes to make your blog look clean and nice. It is one of the fastest growing blogging platform and you should consider this if you are looking for microblogging.


Weebly https://www.weebly.com/ is one the nice blogs with drag and drop design feature.

One of the few blogging platforms which offered a modular approach. Pick a blog and then a theme and then put your contents as blocks. It is a easy to use feature which offers a cool design by just dragging and dropping blocks on your theme. You do not need a technical knowledge for setting up a blog here. Also has a very good mobile app to manage your site.


it is very good for business owners who want to setup a portfolio or showcase their capabilities through a blog.


LinkedIn has been famous as a professional networking website. But not many of us know is that it is also one of the very good blogging platforms.


But LinkedIn is not recommended for personal bloggers or hobby bloggers. It is a professional networking website and hence the blogs on this website are more professional in nature.

You can create your profile for free and start blogging and growing your network.


Are you a travel blogger? Why not to show your travel writing on a blogging website dedicated to travelling. There are many travelling websites on which you can create your own blog.

Some example being:


Wix ( https://www.wix.com/ ) is another platform for blogging. However the only point I have for Wix is that it is more about business websites and business blogging.

However, Wix is stunning and you can create some stunning websites using Wix. You can use the platform to host your blog or portfolio for free.



Joomla ( https://launch.joomla.org/ ) is a open source content management systems which allows you to write your own articles. You can use to build any kind of blog website using Joomla. There is a lot of template available. It is one of the perfect platforms for creating a business websites, portfolio , online stores and any kind of blogging.



The last one on my list is squarespace. It is one of the most popular website builder. You can use squarespace for building any kind of blog. With stunning themes and some very good features for online marketing, square space can be your choice if you are looking for a business related blog.


Blogging can be very nice experience and if you are able to write well, you can make some money as well using blogs. Hope this top 10 free blogging sites will help you in taking your first step towards your blogging journey. If you have any questions do write back to me at skumar@indiacareeradvice.com or post your comments in the comment box below.

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