How to earn money Rs 1000 per day using Google Adsense – Google adsense se paise kaise kamaye

Internet has opened up an amazing way to explore the world. But if has also opened up opportunities to earn money. If you are an expert in some area or if you are a good writer or if you are a creative personality who can provide the readers on internet some good piece of information you can make some good money using good adsense. Today in this article I will tell you on how to make money using google adsense.

There are lot’s of people who are doing this. And there are people making a very good amount of money using adsense. If you are reading this article, it probably means that you are also interested in doing this. And if we can write and generate interest in you, we are very much sure that you can also do the same.

So look back into your own thought and mind and see what you are passionate about. Think what is something on which you can talk for hours or something for which you can write well.

And if yes, then read further. We have this step by step guide which will show how you can make money using internet and google adsense.

What is google adsense

Have you seen lot of hoardings or bill boards on the road? You must have. These are hoarding owned by some one and companies pay the person who owns this for putting their advertisement there. You can have the same thing done on your property. May be terrace of you house. I mean anything you own. You rent out a space for advertising.

Another example is magazines. A publisher brings out a magazine and that is his property. But in magazine he has rent out pages or spaces on page where companies put the ads for their products and services.

Same is true with what you own on internet. What you write on the internet as a web page is your property on net. And you can rent out a space on that page for different companies to put their advertisement on it. This is how you earn money. You are a called as “Publisher” in online term because you are publishing your article which becomes your property. How to publish it, we will see later.

First let us try to understand google adsense.

How to earn money from adsense

Now google adsense is a free service by google which helps you with this. So if you are a publisher google will help you monetize your web page which you have published.

What google will do is it will place advertisements on your webpage on behalf of companies who wish to advertise. These companies pay money to google and google pays to you after keeping its commission. It is that simple.

Google adsense is quite a popular way to earn money. I will tell you how much you can make with some calculation. I will not give you a adsense tutorial so I will show calculation by taking the minimum earning scenario.

How to become a publisher on internet? What is blogging?

So we have seen how google can help us put advertisement on out property on internet. That is our articles which we will write on internet. But how to write article on internet. That is how to become a publisher on internet.

Have you heard of blogging. Blogging is a way to write articles on internet. There are many free platforms available on internet where you can start blogging. That is you can start writing your articles and hence start publishing content on internet, So you become a publisher and what you publish becomes your property.

Below you see a screen shot from blogger.

blogger - make money using google adsense

Similarly you can write articles on many other platforms. many are paid and some are free like blogger above. We have a very good article on how to start a blog. Please read that as well

Must Read : How to start blogging.

Now for example is a blog hosted via wordpress. So you can use any platform and start writing.

So start writing and generate some good content. And then once you are comfortable, you can apply for google adsense account and start with getting advertisements on your articles.

Also another word of advice. Make full use of social media to get the traffic your website. When people come on your website, then only the website becomes popular and then only you will be able to make good money. The more the traffic the more you make money using google adsense.

How to enable adsense on your blog

Now that you have a awesome content ready and you have started getting some wonderful traffic on your website, you are ready to make money using google adsense. But first step is to register for google adsense. Basically there are 4 steps.

Step 1 : Signup for adsense

This is the first step you need to complete for gettings ads on your website. You need to have a valid gmail address. So if you don’t have one you create it here or create it separately. But you should have one. So you need to provide your email address and URL to your blog. It can be on blogger as in snapshot above or any other platform.

google adsense signup screen shot
google adsense signup screen shot

Step 2 : Ad the Adsense Code to your blog

Once you signup is done you will get a code to add to your blog.

you need to place the code in your blog. Now different platforms have different way of doing it. For blogger it is quite easy, as blogger is from google so quite well integrated with adsense. But for other platforms like wordpress you have plug ins available using which you can place the ad.

Now I will have a separate tutorial on how to get the ads code placed on your blog, and you can also figure it out. There are lot of material available on google itself and you can read adsense documentation.

But honestly it is very easy and will hardly take 1 hr of your time. if you still have questions write back to me or leave your comment in the comment box below.

Step 3: Wait for you request to be reviewed and approved by google.

this is the final step. google will review your site and then will check if you are eligible for this program. Google has few parameters on which it checks, but the quality of your content ie. quality of your website and expected traffic on your website is key. That is why I keep on saying you need to be passionate about what you are writing. If you are writing about travel lets say, you should know about the place and should have experienced it to write best about it.

This step may take few days to few weeks. So you have to keep patience. you will be able to login to your adsense account and look at the status. Once approved you will see something as below..

google adsense account snapshot

And once your approval is ready you will start seeing ads on your website. And you can start monitoring your performance.

How much you can earn using adsense

Now this is the most interesting part and important part. You will also be interested to know about this right? I will start by saying sky is limit and hard work and quality are two key parameters. But let me start with minimum.

Google has couple of models and criteria by which it make the payment for the ad it places on your blog. Now two main models are CPM and CPC. Ie. Cost per Impression or Cost per Click.

If some one is one your webpage, the no. of ads impressions they see on the webpage is what drives CPM. While if they click on one of the ads, that drives CPC.

At minimum you get around $1 per 1000 impressions.

So now if you have to earn Rs 1000 per day means you need to make around $14 per day.

If $1 is per 1000 impressions, it mean you need to have around 14000 impressions per day.

Even if I take 1 impression per page visit, you would need around 14000 page visits per day. This may look difficult but with millions and millions of internet users this is not difficult. If your content is good people will come on your blog and you can easily make around Rs 1000 per day.

Isn’t it wonderful?

Closing comments

There are thousands of blogs getting created on a daily basis. Many people start and after some time they just stop it. It is easy in the sense that you can make it work easily but still some hard work and passion is needed on the topic you are willing to write.

It is not possible that you just write one blog post and you start making money. You need to write consistently and with quality. Then only you will be able to retain people on you blog. Hard work is key. People think that they will open a blog write one paragraph and done. No that is not going to work.

So friends to make money using google adsense you need to be consistent. If you need more information do write back to me at or leave your email in comment box below and I will respond back.

Your friend, sanjeev

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